V400 DDS--- Frequency Synthesizer


The output from the back of the unit: CH1 (HB) and CH2(LB),

CH1 2.5V at 420 MHz (for 1H OBS)

CH2 7.8V at 120 MHz (fro 13C obs)

Varian use attenuator to low the power down:

for CH1 it is about 2.0 V (add 2 dB)

for CH2 it is about 5.52 V (add 3 dB)

These two signal will be send to XMTR board in the front.

The output power of the boards is depend on these imput. for expample, if the input is less than 1.0 Volts for the HB, then the decoupling power will not be enough.

the 90 degree pulse width will be very long.

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