VNMRJ3.2 Printer installation

Note: August 27, 2013

Hardware: HP laser printer with an USB printer port.  PC (without printer port, but there are three USB ports available for the printer).

After linux and VNMRJ 3.2 installated, lp /etc/passwd is working properly  - OS printing is OK.  But cannot print the NMR spectrum.
Problem fixed:

  • Installed a new HP laser printer. Using USB port.
  • Check if the lp printing is working?   Lp /etc/passwd
  • At the system (linux) --> Administration --> Printing --> in the table, find the printer (HP-laserjet-P2035, set it as default printer. Disable all the network printers.
  • Login vnmr1   use vnmrj admin  --> management --> printer.  Delete all old printers, by select it and click delete selected. Then add a new printer.
  • After adding the new printer:   hplaserjet_pl (for vnmrj plot), and HP-LaserJet-P2035 (for linux), click them, they will become yellow (highlighted). Check their parameters:

For VNMRj Plotter configuration:
Letter, width 215.9 mm Height 279.4 mm PCL Resolution 300 line width 1 mono
Left 14.5, right 14.5 and top 14.5 bottom 14.5   landscape.

  • Test the printer: lp in terminal,   printing at the window applications, and vnmrj for pl pscale page, as well as printon dgs printoff.