Waveform Generator Form (WGF II board installation)

Problem: After install the vnmr 6.1c (replace vnmr6.1B), the VT operation does not work.

Change the RJ45 cable from CPU board (on the #3 position) to the MSU board #2. This cable is from VT unit. it connects an adpter on the back of the VT unit.

After change the cable, reset the console and reboot the computer, it may need ./setacq.



There is no out waveform output from the pulse generator board. Even the WGFII lights are flashing.

Take the WGF II board out, reset the jumper. and dial setting. set it to 0 (dial) and connect pin 1 to pin 2 on the jump 16, for channel one.

set dial 1 and pin 2-3 for channel 2.

The waveform out is about 3 volts.