VNMRJ ---- Patches: 
It should be installed after vnmrj installed. Always check the new version of patches in the Varina Web site.
The patche install macro is in /vnmr/bin/patchinstall. Do no uncompress the patched downloaded from Varian website.
Use it as it is.

Current Updated VnmrJ / VNMR Patches

The patches on these pages are for a specific software release only; they must be installed using a dedicated patch installation script, patchinstall (last update: 2005-12-02), see the associated Readme file for more information.

VnmrJ 2.2A Patches
Last Update 2007-02-09
VnmrJ 1.1D Patches
Last Update 2006-03-03
VnmrJ 1.1D SE Patches
Last Update 2006-01-20
VnmrJ 2.1B Patches
Last Update 2007-02-06
VnmrJ 1.1C Patches
Last Update 2004-05-21
VnmrJ 2.1A Patches
Last Update 2005-10-11
VnmrJ 1.1B Patches
Last Update 2003-05-15
Patches for VNMR 6.1A - 6.1C and VNMR 5.3
Last Update 2005-09-26
Patches for Other Software
Obsolete Patches

 patchinstall - VnmrJ / VNMR Patch Installation Utility

"patchinstall" allows to install a patch onto existing / preinstalled VnmrJ or
VNMR software. VnmrJ and VNMR patches are being distributed to our users
through the Varian NMR "VnmrJ and VNMR Patches" Web page at
Please visit that Web site for more details.

Before installing a patch you should carefully read the description and
installation details contained within the patch Readme file which is provided
with every patch.

You need to be logged in as the "owner" of the software (typically "vnmr1") to
install a VnmrJ or VNMR patch.

"patchinstall" is called as follows:
        patchinstall "full name of the patch file"
        patchinstall 2.1BallLNXino101.tar.Z
If the patch is not in your working directory you need to specify the full
path, e.g.:
        patchinstall /export/home/johndoe/temp/2.1BallLNXino101.tar.Z
The name of the patchinstall argument / name of the patch file follows a very
strict pattern - it is always 16 characters long and followed by a ".tar.Z"
suffix, e.g.:
        2.1B    is the VnmrJ or VNMR software version (digit, dot, digit,
                upper-case character)
        acq     is the category / subdirectory under the "/vnmr" software
                directory, such as "acq", "adm", "mac" (for maclib), "psg",
                etc. (must be 3 lower-case characters); special cases:
                        "gen" (generic) is for jumbo patch,
                        "all" is a different type of multi-purpose patch
        LNX     specifies the operating system (must be 3 upper-case
                characters). Examples:
			"LNX" for Linux
			"SOL" for Solaris
			"AIX" for IBM AIX
			"IRI" for SGI IRIX
			"ANY" for a patch that is not designed for a specific
			      operating system
        ino     specifies the instrument type / architecture (must be 3 lower
                case characters); can be any of
                        "vnm" for Varian NMR System or a Varian MRI System
                              (DirectDrive architecture)
                        "ino" for UNITY INOVA
                        "upl" for UNITYplus
                        "uni" for UNITY
                        "mpl" for MERCURYplus
                        "mvx" for MERCURY-Vx
                        "mer" for MERCURY
                        "gem" for GEMINI 2000
                        "all" for a patch that is not architecture-specific
        101     is the count, from anywhere within 3 digit range (3 digits)
        .tar.Z  the patched file is tarred and compressed ("Z" must be upper
Note that some download methods (e.g., if you download via a computer running
MS Windows), the filename may be converted to all lower-case or all upper-case
characters. In such a case the patch installation will fail unless you first
rename the patch file to follow the above convention, e.g.:
	mv 2.1balllnxino101.tar.z 2.1BallLNXino101.tar.Z

The "patchinstall" utility is designed to simplify the patching process. It
will install and keep a record of the patched installation internally, for
future use, without further intervention by the user.