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1. 扬 明 发

Professor, Chemistry Department
Shanghai University
Jia Ding, Shanghai

As I know he is still working in Shanghai University.  His daughter is in US.

2. 郭 常 慈

TEL: 714-985-9989

Updated 9/12/2001

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3. 郭 芳 瑞

No current data available.

As I know he is still working in Shanghai. 

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4. 陈 怀  谷
(734) 996-7763

Dr. Chen is a very active organic chemist.  I will publish more information about his work.

HG: if you have own web page, please let know, I could link it from here. 

Hello, KeDa classmates of 7714:

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of graduation from KeDa, I am making a CD of our talk at Jia Lu Restaurant, farewell meeting with KeDa teachers and talk to Zhu min, all these recordings made in January 1982. Time runs fast. In a flash, twenty years have passed. I would like to send this CD to our classmates in memory of this event. So, please send me your current address, and if you know any other people's. I can send the CDs to you by the end of 2001. Wu Shaoxiong and Wang Bing will arrange a reunion next year, if people are interested. Xie Xiayung and Yang Gang will come to US to this meeting, they promised when I talked to them in Shanghai.


 Huai Gu Chen


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