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Dear 7713:

If you find this web page, please pass it to your classmates.  I need the following to complete

this web: 1. Wu Luo Feng's statement; 2. Your picture and current address. 

If you would like to input interesting stories or current status of our classmates. Please contact me by email or phone.


Shaoxiong Wu (吴少雄)

Updated: 11/5/2009

高分子材料系 系主任
吴若峰 (Wu Ruofeng) 教授
化学楼425 (嘉定)
电 话 69982824

New Picture From Yu Yang:

Yu Yang with his four years old Daughter.

His Email: (Updated Nov. 2009)

Fei Yi, 费艺: (updated Nov. 2009)




1) Cai Zheng
(2) Lin Hong Guang
(3) Le Zhi Wei
(4) Shi Zhi Jian

(5)Xu Shu Yu 
(215)-706-3814(office) (215)-712-0350(home) 933 Red Coat Farm Drive Chalfont, PA 18914 E-mail:


6) Xu Xiang,  his wife Mao Li Fang and their son  Name? ( I need his name)
1504 Plantation Dr. Hudson, OH 44236 330-342-0552
(7) Zhu Wei Ming

(8) Sheng Wei Ping
(9) Wu Luo Feng
(10) Zhang Yuan Feng

(11)Chen Le


(12) Wang Li Hua and her Husband Zhu Wei De
(13)Zhu Wei De Professor, Chemistry Department
Shanghai University
Jia Din, Shanghai

(14) Qian Jiun lu
(15) Wang Jian Ming
(16) Yang De Rong
(17) Wang Wei Ming
(18) Sun Shi Yong
(19) Yu Yang

(20) Li Meng
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