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Visiting Speaker Series 2004-2005

The Visiting Speaker Series is a program that allows the Emory Community to attend lectures by renowned members of the academic community, on topics as varied as diversity in the classroom, evolutionary and scientific theory, and critical thinking. Each year, speakers’ lectures fall into an overarching theme for the yearly series. Past themes have included "Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom and Writing Across the Curriculum". This year's theme is "Literate Science/Scientific Literacy", which aims to promote discussion of the teaching of the natural and physical sciences. Lectures are open to anyone who wants to attend, space permitting.

Roundtable Luncheons 2004-2005

Roundtable luncheons occur throughout the academic year on a variety of topics such as team teaching, building a teaching portfolio, and enhancing teaching with technology. Lunchtime workshops and discussions are usually held from 12:00-1:30 PM; boxed or catered lunch is provided by UACT and sponsoring organizations. These luncheons are open to faculty only.

This year lunch discussions have focused on compiling a needs assessment for a university-wide faculty development, teaching, and learning resource center. Luncheon meetings occur periodically, in months absent other UACT programming.

Master Teacher Program 2004-2005

The Master Teacher Program is a two and a half day seminar held each May, to provide faculty at whatever stage of their career with ongoing training and tools for teaching excellence. Seminars are held after the end of the spring semester; up to four faculty members from each school who have demonstrated a deep commitment to teaching are nominated by their deans.

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