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The Center for Teaching and Curriculum of Emory College (CTC)

The Center for Teaching and Curriculum of Emory College works to recognize and reward excellent teaching throughout Emory College; to provide material support for the development of new courses, curricula, and methods of instruction; and to study attitudes toward teaching and learning among Emory undergraduates. Additionally, the center promotes public discussion of teaching and learning among faculty members.

The center sponsors programs and activities such as awards for excellence in teaching in the College, teaching consultation pairs, and Emory On-line, a workshop for faculty on the instruction of web-sites for their courses. CTC also supports lunch discussions on teaching, discussions among Dean's Teaching Fellows in the TATTO program, summer seminars on teaching and on the design of writing intensive courses, a program for the development of new courses, the College Writing Center, and Theory Practice Learning.

Seminar for Teaching and Technology

The Emory Online Seminar for Teaching and Technology, jointly sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Curriculum and Information Technology Division (ITD), provides teams of professors and graduate students with five weeks of training in technological resources for the classroom. Notices for upcoming seminars are distributed in the spring.

The Faculty Science Council

The Faculty Science Council pursues excellence in science education and scholarship within the Arts & Sciences and serves as an advisory body to the College Office on scientific issues. The Council's mission is to stimulate and facilitate faculty-driven initiatives in both teaching and scholarship and to provide a faculty-based forum for discussion and evaluation of those initiatives. The Emory Faculty Science Council is composed of three committees to provide faculty teaching networks. One of these committees is geared toward graduate teaching; the other two committees are for faculty at Emory College:

The General Science Education Committee aims to improve education for all natural sciences and social sciences majors in Emory College. The Committee encourages deeper and broader scientific understanding through courses that cut across departmental lines; teaches the history of science and its cultural and societal roles; and informs students about both traditional and non-traditional science-based careers. Faculty education workshops are held periodically. For more information, contact science@emory.edu.

Science and Society is a program designed to increase access to science for all Emory students and faculty and for citizens of Atlanta and aims to instill the thrill and importance of science in Emory students, especially non-science majors, and in the Emory and Atlanta community at large. It promotes an understanding of the impact of science and society on each other and insists that science is not only a collection of facts but also a way of thinking and approaching problems. Science and Society projects include informal student/faculty coffee klatches, faculty seminars, radio programs, and more. For more information, contact Arri Eisen at aeisen@biology.emory.edu or 7-4254.

The Program for Teaching Enhancement and Assessment in the Emory College Department of History

The Program for Teaching Enhancement and Assessment in the Emory College Department of History was instituted in 1996 to create opportunities for constructive discussion among teaching colleagues. Teaching pairs are a part of the program that invites pairs of teachers to participate in visiting each other's classrooms. At the end of the semester, the pairs meet informally to discuss both specific concerns relating to the course and broader teaching issues. If one member of the pair is untenured, then the tenured member writes a formal report that is given to the untenured member and placed in his or her file. These teaching pairs are self-directing and self-supporting. For more information, contact Walter Adamson, History Department Chair at wadamso@emory.edu or 7-4222.

Woodruff Library

As the University's central library facility, the Woodruff Library brings together traditional library resources and electronic information technology to provide a range of services to support the academic mission of Emory University. Special centers within the Library offer users access to rare books and manuscripts, the opportunity to learn in state-of-the-art electronic classrooms, assistance with the use of electronic data and multimedia resources for teaching and research, and a laptop loan program in conjunction with the Emory's Information Technology Division. The library also offers departmental liaisons for assistance in a specific field.

Emory Pathways to Academic Success for Students (EPASS)

Emory Pathways to Academic Success for Students is a learning and academic support program provided by Emory College’s Office of Undergraduate Education. EPASS encourages the academic and intellectual development of Emory students by providing a variety of services designed to enhance student performance, such as tutoring, science mentoring, workshops, and assistance for students with special needs. The EPASS office is located on Emory’s Clairmont Campus.


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