Funding Opportunities

Please note that this list is solely for internal University funding for teaching resources. For additional internal funding information, check the Provost website and the Office of Research Administration.


The Center for Teaching and Curriculum Summer Stipends for Course Development

The Center for Teaching and Curriculum (CTC), Emory College Faculty Science Council/Emory College Center for Science Education, and the Institute for Comparative and International Studies (ICIS) offer summer stipends for course development to Emory College faculty who wish to create, update, or enhance their courses. The stipend program is announced in the spring semester, with course development to occur over the summer. For information regarding the application process, grant amounts, and regulations, click on the stipend name.

Teaching Consultation Pairs

Each semester, untenured and tenure track faculty members have the opportunity to participate in the Center for Teaching and Curriculum’s Teaching Consultation Pairs program, which strives to foster exchange between junior and senior faculty members of Emory College concerning matters of undergraduate teaching outside of the immediate framework of evaluation. The CTC offers $300 grants per person to faculty members who participate in this program. Announcements and recruitment for the program are organized by the CTC. For more information contact Susan Maxwell at, or at 7-6410.

Teaching Initiatives Grants

The CTC supports various initiatives concerned with instruction or curriculum in the College as they arise over the academic year through the Teaching Initiatives program. Funds may be used to aid the initiatives of whole departments, programs, small groups or even individual faculty members. The maximum amount available for any particular proposal is $1000. Examples of proposals that have been funded include faculty members' participation in workshops and professional meetings concerned with teaching or curriculum and departmental events and programs that aid faculty members and/or graduate students teaching classes in the College. Proposals to the Teaching Initiatives Fund are generally due October 1 each year, and award decisions are made by the end of October.

Emory-Oxford Exchange

The Emory-Oxford exchange allows one tenured faculty member on each campus to teach a course at the other campus, hold office hours there, and participate in the activities of the host campus. Participants receive $1000, from their respective Dean's Office, that may be used toward any professional expenses. At the time of application, interested faculty members from both campuses will be expected to obtain approval of involved department chairs and deans. Announcements are distributed in the fall semester; candidates may choose fall or spring semester in which to teach.

The General Science Education Committee of the Faculty Science Council of Emory College

The General Science Education Committee of the Faculty Science Council of Emory College sponsors two competitive grant programs for faculty. The mini-grant program allows faculty to request funds to improve course content or pedagogy for existing science courses. The General Science Education Committee also offers course development grants, in conjunction with the Center for Teaching and Curriculum. For more information on that particular program, please see the first entry on this page. For further information on this Committee, contact Sidney Perkowitz at at 7-4321.

The University Teaching Fund

The University Teaching Fund invites proposals from Emory faculty from all schools for intramural funds to support teaching improvement and innovations. Proposal funding is administered by the University Teaching Fund Committee (UTFC), a standing committee of the University Senate/ Faculty Council. For more information regarding the application process, grant amounts, and guidelines, click on the name, or contact Arri Eisen at, or at 7-4354.


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