Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The Faculty Science Council's Graduate Initiatives Committee works to foster development of interdisciplinary initiatives in the graduate sciences programs; to interact with the medical school in its basic sciences programs; to improve graduate research infrastructure, such as computing; and to increase efforts to attract underrepresented groups to graduate programs in science. The committee also offers brown bag lunches and symposia for Emory graduate students. For more information, contact Joel Bowman at or 7-6592.


The Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO)

The Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO) program was inaugurated in the fall of 1991 by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to prepare graduate students to enter the professoriate as competent and confident teachers. TATTO strives to ensure that each student's education as a scholar is balanced with thoughtful and thorough preparation in the art of teaching. It is designed to advance teaching and mentoring as an essential component of the educational experience. There are four required stages of the TATTO program: the graduate school summer course; the departmental course; one teaching assistantship; and a teaching associateship. Eligible students may also compete for one of the approximately thirty Dean's Teaching Fellowships offered each year. For further information about TATTO, contact Virginia Shadron at

Woodruff Library

As the University's central library facility, the Woodruff Library brings together traditional library resources and electronic information technology to provide a range of services to support the academic mission of Emory University. Special centers within the Library offer users access to rare books and manuscripts, the opportunity to learn in state-of-the-art electronic classrooms, assistance with the use of electronic data and multimedia resources for teaching and research, and a laptop loan program in conjunction with the Emory's Information Technology Division. The library also offers departmental liaisons for assistance in a specific field.


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