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The Advisory Council on Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development (ACT) at Oxford College

The Advisory Council on Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development's overarching goal is to build upon, improve, and document the distinctiveness and excellence of the "Oxford experience", as well as to provide coordination of the study of teaching and to improve teaching at Oxford. In the spirit of ACT's attempt to continuously work to make Oxford a better version of itself, an open invitation is extended to all Oxford faculty and staff to plan and promote existing endeavors or create new initiatives. Approximately 70% of Oxford's faculty and 80% of the administrative staff are members.

Currently, ACT is divided into seven task forces, each focused on advancing initiatives in their areas. The task forces include:

Cognitive-Affective Learning
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Series
Theory/Practice Service Learning (TPSL) Pedagogy
Discussion Series for Lecturers and Tenure-Track Professors
Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC)
Admission/Financial Aid Task Force
Academic Advising Enhancement Program

Hoke O’Kelley Memorial Library

Located on the Oxford College campus, the O’Kelley Library provides information and resources for Oxford faculty and staff. Library staff is on hand to provide training and assistance with information technology, classroom reserves, research, and classroom development. The library also houses the Emory University Teaching Collection, established by a grant from the University Teaching Fund, which contains resources to support effective teaching. Online access to the collection provides the University community with the opportunity to browse, place an electronic request for a book, suggest additional resources, provide comments, and access related teaching websites and online journals. For more information about the Teaching Collection, contact Library Director Kitty McNeill at libkmn@emory.edu or 770-784-8403. For general information or questions about the O’Kelley Library call 770-484-8380 or email ox-librarystaff@listserv.cc.emory.edu.

Oxford College Information Technology (OCIT)

Oxford College Information Technology works to integrate technology and technological advances into the Oxford academic community. OCIT provides faculty and staff with classroom and research assistance, as well as software updates, technology labs, and laptop loans. Faculty can also request laboratory time, meeting rooms, and web page changes online. For questions or assistance, please contact OCIT at 4-4685 (on-campus) or 770-784-4685 (off-campus), or at usjcb@emory.edu. For a list of OCIT liaisons and services, click here.

Oxford College Teaching Luncheons

Oxford College Teaching Luncheons provide an opportunity for faculty to gather informally and to share teaching successes and problems. The luncheons may involve presentations from faculty who attended recently teaching-related conferences, brainstorming over various issues, or discussion of new teaching methods. For more information, contact Sharon Lewis at slewis@learnlink.emory.edu or at 770-784-8374.

The Journal of Cognitive Affective Learning (JCAL)

The Journal of Cognitive Affective Learning (JCAL) is a twice-yearly, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to disseminating research on holistic educational practices that focus on the significance of the cognitive-affective relationship in promoting deep and enduring learning. Access to the journal (articles and services) is free of charge. JCAL publishes theoretical papers, original research reports, literature reviews, and extended reviews of selected books. Student and faculty submissions to the journal are open and subject to peer-review guidelines. For more information, contact Ken Carter, PhD at Kenneth.Carter@emory.edu or at (770) 784-8439.



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