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In keeping with the charge to encourage an open relationship between teachers and the instructional technology resources available to them, Emory University offers resource centers, instructional technology support, and desktop and hardware support through the Center for Library and Information Resources (CLAIR) and Woodruff Library's joint Technology Centers.

The Technology Centers are composed of the Beck Center, the Electronic Data Center and Emory’s Center for Interactive Teaching (ECIT).

The Beck Center

The Beck Center promotes faculty use of scholarly electronic collections with an emphasis on the humanities. It makes available full-text databases, electronic journals, and multimedia titles that comprise a wide range of electronic collections available for research and instruction. For more information click on the center name or contact the Beck Center at 7-6954.

The Electronic Data Center (EDC)

The EDC focuses on numerical data files and supports quantitative research primarily in the social sciences. EDC provides access to a broad data collection, the latest in statistical and mapping software, and staff to provide consulting support. For more information click on the center name or contact EDC at 7-6129.

Emory's Center for Interactive Teaching (ECIT)

ECIT provides Emory University with expertise, training, and media production in applied instructional technologies. ECIT serves as a common space where information resources, instructional technologies, faculty teaching, and research initiatives, as well as student training and creation of digital media projects, happen. As an instructional technology center for the entire university community, ECIT provides a range of services, equipment, instructional expertise, and development programs. Programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of the particular schools and organizations that comprise Emory. ECIT’s resources include two multimedia presentation classrooms, available for faculty teaching technology-enhanced classes and utilized by Information Technology Division's Educational Analysts to teach courses in instructional technology. For more information click on the center name or contact ECIT at 7-6886.

Center for Technology Initiatives

The Center for Technology Initiatives builds the General Libraries' digital
collections through a series of partnerships with faculty and other members of
the Emory Community. Comprised of the Beck Center, the Electronic Data
Center, and the digital portion of Special Collections, the new group acts as
a focal point for applying a range of information technologies used to build
Emory's Digital Library.

Information Technology Division Educational Analysts

ITD Educational Analysts coordinate ITD instructional technology services and provide instructional design insights to fit the teaching and research needs of faculty. For assistance email or For a full list of ITD faculty services, click here.

Woodruff Library Reserves Desk

The Reserve Team at Woodruff Library serves faculty and graduate students teaching at Emory College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences by making available to students supplemental course reading either electronically or “on reserve” in the Woodruff Library . This web site provides many on-line resources and answers to frequently asked questions about reserves. Click on the name to be redirected to the reserve desk.

Woodruff Library Instruction Services

The Instruction Team provides services designed to help students, faculty, and staff locate, evaluate, and use information effectively. Workshops open to the Emory community are offered throughout the academic year on searching the library catalog, using research databases, government documents, web search engines, EndNote, and other library resources. Librarians are also available to provide instruction on library and information resources tailored to a specific course or assignment or to provide individual sessions for specialized
needs. Click on the name to be redirected to Instruction Services.


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