Candler School of Theology


The Candler School of Theology Faculty Development Program

The Candler School of Theology Faculty Development Program mentors new faculty and promotes the professional development of all faculty. Colleagues are assigned to mentor pre-tenure faculty. Issues facing new faculty are explored in monthly meetings. General concerns of faculty development are carried through the regular committee structure of the school. For more information contact the school at, or at 7-4587.

Pitts Theology Library

Pitts Theology Library is a distinguished collection of theological materials with over 520,000 volumes providing rich resources for the Candler School of Theology and Emory University. Library staff provide assistance in locating library materials, research consultations, database (including bible and scripture) tutorials and training, and classroom reserves. Reference librarians are also working to build web sites to assist students and provide online resources for particular courses as part of the Information Literacy Initiative facilitated by Pitts Library staff and Candler faculty. For more information about the Pitts Theological Library, please call 7-4166.


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