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Archived Science and Technology Releases

Molecular self-assembly uncovers new understanding of Alzheimer's disease


Atlanta, Ga. In their quest to understand the structural and energetic basis of molecular self-assembly, the laboratory of David Lynn, Emory's Candler Professor of Chemistry and Biology, has helped solve the first structure of an amyloid fibril, shedding new light on Alzheimer's and other diseases.

Center Focuses on Disease As Population Phenomenon


Atlanta, Ga. Les Real, Asa G. Candler Professor of Biology, directs the Center for Disease Ecology (CDE) at Emory, a multidisciplinary effort that approaches diseases not just as microbes to be defeated, but as evolutionary organisms as complex as any living being.

Nanomaterials the key to better solar energy, according to Emory's Lian


Atlanta, Ga. As the electronics industry strives to create ever-smaller devices, scientists seek to harness solar energy to power handheld computers, calculators and other miniature machines. Emory researcher Tianquan Lian and his team are working to generate electricity from particles too small to see with the naked eye in a quest to eventually perfect a far smaller--and less expensive--solar cell. Such solar cells would replace the silicon crystal-based ones now at the heart of the semiconductor industry.

Research leads to cleaner paper processing


Atlanta, Ga. The messy process of paper production could be cleaned up as a result of on-going research into better oxidation processes. Emory's Goodrich C. White Professor of Chemistry Craig Hill and his research group have lead the effort to develop a pollution-free method of converting wood pulp to paper.

Nanobiology research works to uncover mysteries of cellular mechanics


Atlanta, Ga. The new field of nanobiology combines biology and physics in ways never before imagined, with the potential to revolutionize medicine and industry. Emory physics professor Fereydoon Family and his team of researchers are working to find out how nature works at the nanoscale, particularly how transport takes place in biological systems at that level.

Professor spots problems in Rorschach tests


Atlanta, Ga. Emory's Scott Lilienfeld, associate professor of psychology, studies criminal and antisocial behavior rooted in mental illness, but he also is known for debunking the scientific validity of such controversial topics as ESP, recovered memory and faith healing.

Team Measures Brain Response to Visual Sexual Stimuli


Atlanta, Ga. What triggers certain areas of the brain to turn on in response to visual emotional and sexual stimuli is the focus of a recent study by Emory psychology professors.

Team Studies Brain Response to Visual Stimuli


Atlanta, Ga. Two Emory professors are studying how the human brain reacts when test subjects view sexually arousing images through the use of fMRI (functioning magnetic resonance imaging).

First Ever Nanobiology Conference Will Be Held At Emory University


Atlanta, Ga. The first-ever Nanobiology Conference will bring 70 of the world's most authoritative life scientists, physical scientists and engineers to Emory University on Oct. 25- 27 to discuss the latest developments in understanding the physics of biological processes at the nanometer scale.

Award-Winning Oxford College Program Boosts K-12 Teachers' Environmental Science Skills


Atlanta, Ga.For the 10th year, Oxford College of Emory University will host nearly 20 Georgia K-12 teachers at its Oxford Institute for Environmental Education June 11-22. The program, which recently was recognized with the Conservation Educator of the Year Award by the Georgia Wildlife Federation, trains Georgia teachers who often have had limited exposure to ecology courses, in hands-on laboratory and field techniques.

Emory Celebrates Cherry Emerson at Building Dedication


Atlanta, Ga. The Emory community gathered at 11 a.m. Tuesday April 10 to celebrate two-time alumnus('38, '39) Cherry Emerson and to dedicate the new science building named in his honor. A lover of the arts and the sciences, "Cherry has been one of our most generous, intellectually keen, and broadly engaged donors," says John Ingersoll, associate vice president of arts and sciences development.

Emory Psychologist Questions Usefulness of Popular Inkblot Test


Atlanta, Ga. So do you see a butterfly, bat or perhaps even an alligator in that inkblot? What you see may or may not say a lot about you. Clinicians have used the popular Rorschach inkblot test to assess personality traits in children and adults for more than 80 years, but in a recent review, Emory psychologist Scott O. Lilienfeld and his co-authors question the validity and usefulness of the test for most diagnostic purposes, stating that there is "virtually no evidence" that the inkblots can diagnose a host of psychological disorders--a determination that can have a major impact on custody decisions, medical treatment and child sexual abuse cases.

Technology Playing Key Role in Science Education


Atlanta, Ga. Joseph Justice is using the web to get his freshmen seminar students excited about science and to translate advanced biochemical processes to those who might not have strong science backgrounds.

Emory Chemist Receives Prestigious Sloan Fellowship


Atlanta, Ga. Chemistry professor Tianquan Lian has received the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, a highly competitive research award that is given to outstanding scientists at an early stage of their professional careers.

Emory Chemistry Department Chairman Lanny Liebeskind says that, "Tim Lian has developed a robust and highly visible research program in physical chemistry in just under four years at Emory. While the award recognizes Tim's excellent research to date, he also is proving to be a dedicated and responsible teacher."

Molecules Inhibit HIV Protease, Could Lead to New Line of Attack Against AIDS According to Emory Researcher


Atlanta, Ga. Researchers have identified a molecule with the ability to inhibit a key enzyme of HIV, a finding that could limit the spread of the virus that causes AIDS. The laboratory test results are reported in the February 7 issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society.

Vertino Discovers 'Cell-death' Gene/Breast Cancer Link

12-4-00 Atlanta, Ga. Emory scientists have discovered that a mistake in the way DNA is labeled and packaged could lead to the abnormal silencing of a gene that plays an important role in keeping breast cancer cells in check, thus contributing to cancer progression.

Understanding Human Natures


Atlanta, Ga. Is it possible that teaching evolution might help prevent racist incidents or the overuse of antibiotics? That an understanding of biologic and cultural co-evolution can help humanity address some of its deepest problems?

Despite Difficult Circumstances Angioplasties Remain Successful


Atlanta, Ga. In 1980, Emory Hospital became a pioneer of coronary angioplasty -- the less-invasive alternative to coronary bypass surgery in which catheters are used to improve blood flow to the heart.

Language Classrooms With a Global View


Atlanta, Ga. The futue of classrooms is now in two new, state-of-the-art language labs that are part of the Emory College Language Center in Woodruff Library.

New Center Adds Dimension to Disease-Fighting


Atlanta, Ga. Emory’s new Center for Disease Ecology aims to be a world-class instrument for studying and battling disease, one that complements the traditional, patient-centered approach of modern clinical medicine, according to Les Real, Candler Professor of Biology.

NIH Grant Aids Teacher Training


Atlanta, Ga. The National Institutes of Health has awarded nearly $7 million to Emory and five institutions within the Atlanta University Center for a postdoctoral training program designed to increase the quantity and quality of fellows entering careers in the biological and biomedical sciences and of teachers within undergraduate institutions serving minority students.

Something’s Fishy With "Age-Old" Mating Pattern


Atlanta, Ga. Are the causes of "May-December" romances that pair women with much older men actually rooted in evolutionary biology? That’s what Emory biology researcher Chris Beck is trying to determine in his study of one type of aquarium fish, the molly.

Theory-Practice Approach Helps Students Understand Relationship Between Religion, Natural World


Atlanta, Ga. How do you teach students about the Buddhist concept of sitting on a rock until you "become" that rock? In a course on religion and ecology, Professor Bobbi Patterson uses a teaching strategy known as theory-practice to help students understand and internalize the relationship between religion and the natural world.

"Stressed-out Brain" Helps Freshmen Understand and Cope With First Year of College


Atlanta, Ga. High school might have been a breeze for many incoming Emory freshmen. Dreams of careers as doctors, musicians, lawyers, professors and business tycoons fill their heads as they head for campus.

Foam's Many Properties—From Cappuccino to the Cosmos—Explored in New, Witty Book by Emory Physicist


Atlanta, Ga. From soap bubbles to sea froth, from the head on a beer to plastic coffee cups, foam and its bubbles appear throughout our daily lives. But foam goes beyond the commonplace—it has surprisingly intricate properties that engage scientists around the world. Foam appears again and again in exotic corners of our planet and the universe, giving clues to the origin of the earth's atmosphere, describing how galaxies are distributed in space, and providing an image for the birth of the cosmos.

Space Still Available For Georgia K-12 Teachers At Oxford College's Environmental Institute


Atlanta, Ga. Oxford College of Emory University is looking for a few good teachers, especially those who want to get even better. For the ninth consecutive year, the college is hosting the Oxford Institute for Environmental Education, a program that trains Georgia educators in hands-on laboratory and field techniques in ecology. The program is designed to boost the skills of teachers with varying levels of experience, many of whom have had limited science training in their own college backgrounds.

Local Student Receives Goldwater Scholarship For Study of Science at Emory


Atlanta, Ga. Who says women aren't interested in math and science? Marie Kozel, the daughter of Margaret Klein of Kennesaw (30144) and Frank Kozel of Powder Springs (30173), has been awarded a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for students studying math, science and engineering. Kozel, currently a sophomore, will receive up to $7,500 annually for her remaining two years at Emory. She plans to obtain an M.D./Ph.D. to pursue a career researching neurological disorders. Her specific area of interest is Alzheimer's disease, and she has an internship this summer doing Alzheimer's research at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla.

Experts To Discuss Law and Human Genetics At Emory Law School's Thrower Symposium


Atlanta, Ga. Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the Human Genome Project, the 10th annual Randolph W. Thrower Symposium at Emory Law School will bring together legal scholars, ethicists and geneticists to discuss the ethical, legal and social implications of the availability of genetic information.

Emory University Leads Kidney Transplant Team In New National NIH Network For Clinical Trials


Atlanta, Ga. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has selected Emory University's kidney transplantation program as part of a new nationwide network that will conduct clinical trials using new research strategies to improve organ transplantation. Emory transplant surgeon Christian P. Larsen, M.D., D.Phil, will lead the nine kidney transplant research centers within the new Collaborative Network for Clinical Research on Immune Tolerance.

Emory Dedicates New Vaccine Research Building


Atlanta, Ga. With the dedication of its new Vaccine Research Building on Oct. 14, Emory University underscores its commitment to world leadership in the fight to eliminate or control the deadly infectious diseases that continue to plague millions of individuals around the globe. The Emory Vaccine Research Center assembles a group of the nation's most respected immunologists and virologists in one of the largest centers ever created to forge new vaccine strategies. The new 75,000-square-foot, four-story Vaccine Research Building adjoins the main building of the Yerkes Research Center adjacent to the Emory University campus.

Hybrid Vigor . . . Because You Never Know When You'll Need a Little Science


Atlanta, Ga. A group of students in the Science and Society Program at Emory didn't exactly say they wanted to make science sexier-they just went out and did it. Their new on-line publication, called Hybrid Vigor (because "mutts are healthier than pure breeds") takes on as its first theme-big surprise-"The Science of Sex." Articles in the premiere issue range from "The Science of Attraction," which of course includes a lot of smart talk about pheromones, to an interview with Tom Insel ("Mr. Monogamy"), director of Yerkes Primate Research Center, and indeed an expert on animal magnetism.

Multi-million Dollar Grant Creates Behavioral Neuroscience Center


Atlanta, Ga. A consortium of more than 60 neuroscientists at Emory University, Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology and Atlanta University Center has been approved to become one of five new Science and Technology Centers (STC) established nationwide by the National Science Foundation.

Emory and Georgia Tech Libraries Join Forces for Virtual Archive Project


Atlanta, Ga. The Woodruff Library at Emory and the Library and Information Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology have received a $1.5 million grant from the Woodruff Foundation to create a multimedia "virtual archive" that breaks new ground in digital libraries.

Oxford College Program Boosts K-12 Teachers' Environmental Science Skills


Atlanta, Ga. Nearly 20 Georgia K-12 teachers are going to sacrifice their sneakers and brave heat, humidity and mosquitoes to tramp through lakes and streams in the name of environmental science June 14-25 for the eighth annual Oxford Institute for Environmental Education. Oxford College of Emory University trains Georgia educators in hands-on laboratory and field techniques in ecology to boost the skills of teachers who often have had limited training in their own college backgrounds.

Technology at Emory Changes Way Learning Takes Place


Atlanta, Ga. Emory University is harnessing technology to create a learning environment that changes how teaching and learning take place. Like many universities, Emory has invested tens of millions of dollars over the last decade to expand and upgrade the technology infrastructure of its computer labs, classrooms, offices and residence halls. As a result of these advances, faculty, staff and students across the university are approaching teaching and learning in new ways. For instance:

Emory To Host Day-Long Conference on Child Advocacy


Atlanta, Ga. How to best ensure the health and quality of life of children is the theme of "Child Protection in the 21st Century," a day-long public conference intended to provide a research and teaching base for child advocacy initiatives throughout Georgia. Session topics will include "Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse and Neglect," "The Impact of Child Abuse on Child Development," "The Future of Children" and "Where Do We Go From Here?" The conference will be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. Call (404) 727-9170 for registration.

Oxford College of Emory University Explores Distance Learning Via Video Conference Technology


Atlanta, Ga. Oxford College of Emory University, a two-year undergraduate division of the university located in Oxford, Ga., has joined the growing trend of distance learning with a newly installed video conferencing classroom. This technology allows Emory students to take classes at either the Atlanta or Oxford campuses without requiring an 80-mile round trip.


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