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President Carter Addresses Students At Critical Time In Nation's History

Hearing former U.S. President Jimmy Carter speak is always an enlightening and humbling experience for the Emory community, but the occasion took on special significance last night given the week's events. During his 20th annual Carter Town Hall meeting for students, the president told the audience of nearly 2,000 that the United States must take "punitive action" against those who participated in the terrorist attacks, and also those who harbor them. But Carter also cautioned that the country should not do so "with the same kind of hatred and animosity and punishment of innocent people" demonstrated by the terrorists.

"This is a time that requires complete unity," said Carter. "And although I have had some differences with other presidents, including President Bush, I think that my deepest commitment is to support him as he makes as difficult a decision as a president has ever faced. It was not very difficult for President Roosevelt to respond when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. I think it will be much more difficult for President George W. Bush to decide how to respond to attacks by sometimes unidentifiable terrorists."

Carter said that he would travel to Washington, D.C. today along with former presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush and Gerald Ford in a demonstration of solidarity for the current president, and for the country.

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