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Release date:
Aug. 31, 2001
Contact: Deb Hammacher, Assistant Director, 404-727-0644, or

International Enrollment Continues To Rise For Emory's Incoming Class

Emory College, the university’s liberal arts undergraduate division, has enrolled approximately 1,233 students this fall from every part of the United States and 29 other nations. Thirty-seven percent of the incoming class applied through early decision, meaning that Emory was the students’ top choice and that they withdrew applications to other institutions when accepted by Emory. International student applications continued a strong upward trend again this year, with a 20 percent increase on top of increases of 26 and 40 percent during the past two years.

Official numbers will not be available until the registrar’s date of record Sept. 11, but the preliminary profile of the incoming class is :

1,233 students
51% female
49% male

16.6% Asian American
9.2% African American
4.0% International
2.8% Hispanic
Total minority and international freshman enrollment: 32.6%

The average SAT score is 1327.
The median range of SAT scores is 1280-1450.
The average GPA is 3.63 (unweighted).

Among students awarded merit scholarships through national competition,
the average SAT score is 1474 and average ACT score is 34;
the average GPA is 4.0 (unweighted).
There are 34 such students, or approximately 2.8% of the incoming class.

There are 46 states represented in the incoming class. The geographic breakdown of students is:
40.5% are from the South
22.9% are from the Middle Atlantic
10.4% are from the Midwest
8.1% are from New England
6.3% are from the Southwest
5.8% are from the West

The top states represented include:
17.4% Georgia
11.4% Florida
10.6% New York
5.0% New Jersey
5.0% Texas
3.7% Maryland
3.7% Pennsylvania
3.6% Massachusetts
3.5% Illinois
3.4% California

There are 49 international first-year students enrolled for this year representing 29 countries. The geographic breakdown of those students is as follows:
Korea 13
China 4
Canada, India and Turkey 3
Brazil, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, South Africa, Spain and Taiwan 2
There is one student each from Argentina, the Bahamas, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Bolivia, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Venezuela and United Kingdom.

Most of this class of first-year students has taken advantage of a high-tech option for getting to know their classmates: A web site called Connect 2005 was available to all accepted first-year students. When students received their acceptance letters, they received a user name and password that let them access the chatroom. Established last year, the interactive conference is a service on LearnLink, Emory’s campus intranet. Through Connect 2005, students can choose online discussions, private electronic mail and real-time chats with fellow classmates. Announcements and other useful information have been posted in the space, including financial aid information, orientation week schedules and activities, advice on what kind of computer to bring, housing and more. The first day of class was Thursday, Aug. 30.



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