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Release date:
Sept. 17, 2001
Contact: Deb Hammacher, Assistant Director, 404-727-0644, or

Emory Experts Available To Journalists

The following Emory experts are available to comment from their areas of expertise on a variety of topics related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and their ongoing implications. For a complete list of Emory experts, go to, or call the Office of University Communications, 404-727-6216. For experts on bioterrorism, public health, emergency medicine and mental health, call Emory's Health Sciences Communications office at 404-727-5686.

• Call Emory's Health Sciences Communications office, 404-727-5686.

• Larry Taulbee, political scientist, expert on terrorism, 404-727-6571.

• Abdullahi An-Na'im
, professor of law and expert on law and human rights, Islamic law, Islam and politics, Islamic ethical perspectives on the issues of violence, questions of international relations and relations to Islamic societies, 404-727-1198.
• Gordon Newby
, professor of Middle Eastern studies and director of the Institute for Comparative and International Studies, possible backlash against Muslim and Arab people, 404-727-8722.

Economic Impact on the U.S.
• Hashem Dezhbakhsh, economist, stock market behavior, economic impact and forecasting, 404-727-4679.
• Jeffrey Rosensweig, finance professor in Emory's Goizueta Business School, director of Goizueta's Global Perspectives Program, and former senior international economist for the Federal Reserve in Atlanta, impact on domestic and global economies, 404-727-6360.

International Politics
• Thomas Remington, political scientist, area of expertise Russia and former Soviet countries' role in this conflict and how America is perceived internationally, 404-727-6566.
• Robert Pastor
, political scientist, expert on U.S. politics and international relations, 404-727-6969.

Middle East, U.S. policy
• Kenneth Stein, political scientist, director of the Middle East Research Program, American policy in the Middle East, U.S./Israeli relations, 404-727-4472.

National Security
• Dan Reiter, political scientist, international security issues, including NATO and issues related to a bombing campaign, 404-727-0111.

• Robin Fivush, professor of psychology, memory of trauma, the relation between what we remember and how we cope, particularly in children and families, and how children and parents can work through the experience together, 404-727-4124.
• Stephan Hamann, psychologist, memory and how emotional impact (both negative and positive) play a role in how memories are imprinted (why we remember some things more vividly than others), 404-727-4261.

• Nancy Eiesland, professor of sociology of religion, and Elizabeth Bounds, professor of Christian ethics, how churches respond to crisis and tragedy. Eiesland can be reached at 404-727-6346. Bounds can be reached at 404-727-4172.
• Brooks Holifield, professor of American church history, America's faith response in times of national tragedy, 404-727-6319.
• Gary Laderman, professor of religion and American culture, contemporary societies' reactions to tragic events and casualties, and the religious and cultural meanings attached to such events, religion and violence in America, 404-727-4641.
• Tom Long, professor of preaching, how ministers respond from the pulpit, how parishioners respond in worship, when faced with crises, 404-727-5144.
• Theophus Smith, professor of religion, expert on religion and violence, issues of diversity and prejudice reduction, scapegoating, 404-727-0636.

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