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Lynching Photography in America

      May 1 - December 31, 2002  
      Lynching and Racial Violence in America: Histories and Legacies Conference  
      Call for volunteers  
      For Secondary School Educators:  
      l Educational instructions (appropriate for use with 7-12 grade students)  
      l Gubernatorial Speeches from 1946 - excerpts from speeches made during the 1946 GA Governor's Race (with permission from WSB radio and Georgia State University Pullen Library Special Collections)  
      l School letter  
      l Permission form  
      journalE - Many of the images have been published in Without Sanctuary: Photographs and Postcards of Lynching in America, a collection of James Allen and John Littlefield and edited by James Allen. View website  
      l Opening Day  
      l Film Series begins March 28, 2002  
      lS Press statement released August 30, 2001  
      l The Academic Exchange
Faculty deliberations on lynching photography examine racial and historical understanding.
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      l National Public Radio, Morning Edition, June 22, 2001
NPR's Kathy Lohr reports that a planned exhibit of lynching photos from early last century is raising a painful debate in Atlanta.
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