Haian Fu

Haian Fu

Co-PI, HTS/Assay Development Chemical Biology Discovery Center
Professor of Pharmacology
Hematology and Oncology

Emory University School of Medicine
Department of Pharmacology
5111 Rollins Research Center
Atlanta, GA, 30322-3090

Primary focus/responsibilities at the Center

As a Co-Principal Investigator of the Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center, my primary responsibility is in the area of assay implementation and high-throughput screening operations. Working with the assay implementation and the HTS team, we ensure efficient assay optimization, adaptation, and screening operations as well as management of compound collections. Along with the informatics team, we collect and analyze screening data for hit identification and prepare screening results for submission to PubChem. For streamlined operations, I am involved in coordinating the workflows between the Assay/HTS and Cheminformatics-Medicinal Chemistry interactions.

As a member of the Assay/HTS working group in the MLSCN, I represent the Emory CBDC for inter-center interactions in this area.

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