Iestyn Lewis

Iestyn Lewis

Informatics AnalystChemical Biology Discovery Center

Emory University School of Medicine
Department of Pharmacology
1462 Clifton Road, 305-307
Atlanta, GA, 30322

Primary focus/responsibilities at the Center

My primary role is information management associated with high-throughput screening (HTS). Information management includes Oracle database maintenance, compound management, and HTS data management. When compound libraries are delivered from the MLSMR, the compounds are registered in our database and we create virtual plate formats. HTS data management includes data reformatting, data analysis, data output and retrieval, and data publication to PubChem. Raw data from assay screening carried out by HTS biologists are managed, analyzed, and exported using the CambridgeSoft Enterprise package that includes BioAssay HTS, BioSAR, and Inventory. HTS lead compounds are selected based on screening results and fed back to HTS biologists and informatics modelers for the further study. Frequent discussion with HTS biologists may lead to protocol modification, and I reanalyze data accordingly. I am responsible for assuring that the system accurately tracks compounds, assay wells and data along the pathway from Emory'’s screening robots to NIH’s PubChem website for both primary and secondary assays.

My secondary role is to develop databases and software to support fast data access and novel methods of HTS data analysis.

Educational/professional background

I have 10 years of experience in creating software for the life sciences, both as an internal developer and in the commercial software arena. Most recently, I was the chief architect and primary developer of CambridgeSoft's BioAssay product. My main interest now is in building comprehensible data management environments for scientists.

Iestyn Lewis Iestyn Lewis Iestyn Lewis