Jaeki Min

Jaeki Min

Research Scientist Chemical Biology Discovery Center

Emory College
Department of Chemistry
1093 Rollins Reseach Center
1510 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA, 30322-3090

Focus/responsibilities at the Center

I am a research scientist in the Medicinal Chemistry core of our Center. My responsibilities include the design, synthesis, purification and characterization of novel chemical analogs of our primary HTS hit compounds. By utilizing multiple strategies-such as HTS hit validation, structure-based design, and multi-step solution/solid phase synthesis-I search for and generate novel probe lead compounds. I also complete a Structure/Activity Relationship study (SAR) on analog groups, to identify the most potent compound suitable for probe development.

Educational/professional background

I earned my PhD in 2004 from Seoul National University, College of Pharmacy in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry. I joined the Emory CBDC team after completing a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Chemistry at New York University.

Jaeki Min Jaeki Min Jaeki Min