Pahk Thepchatri

Pahk Thepchatri

Bioinformatics Analyst, Sr. Chemical Biology Discovery Center

Emory College
Department of Chemistry
533 Atwood Hall
Atlanta, GA, 30322-3090

Focus/responsibilities at the Center

My responsibilities include working in an NIH (National Institute of Health) sponsored project associated with decoding the human genome and seeking remedies for disease-related problems such as cancer, viruses and other infectious agents. Specific duties include but are not limited to:

Develop and optimize virtual screening methodologies to augment High-Throughput screening (HTS efforts to identify molecular probes

Receptor-based virtual screening

Ligand-based virtual screening

Optimize 3D protein models for medicinal chemistry SAR exploration

Statistical Analysis of HTS data to identify substructures that offer the most biological advantage for a given assay

Procurement of compounds from external libraries for biological analysis

System Administrator for Informatics Lab Workstations

Educational/professional background

After earning my PhD in Computational Chemistry at Emory in 2006, I joined the Chemical Biology Discovery Center as a bioinformatics analyst.

Pahk Thepchatri Pahk Thepchatri Pahk Thepchatri