Ray Dingledine

Ray Dingledine

MLSCN Principal investigator Chemical Biology Discovery Center

Professor and Chairman Department of Pharmacology

Emory University School of Medicine
Department of Pharmacology
533 Atwood Hall
Atlanta, GA, 30322-3090

Focus/responsibilities at the Center

I am the administrative head of the NIH-funded small molecule screening center at Emory University. Emory is one node of a ten-member national network, the MLSCN. As the representative of our center to the national network, it is my job to make sure that our mission succeeds. We are here to identify novel chemical probes from bioassays assigned to us by the NIH; to train younger scientists for advanced research in chemical biology, and to become proficient with emerging technologies that are key to the future of chemical-biology.

My major scientific responsibility is to help coordinate our scientists’ efforts on the biology and small molecule screening/assay development side, with complementary efforts on the chemistry and cheminformatics side. This Center may be the best example that we have at Emory right now of productive interaction between our School of Medicine and College. It’s very clear that the College and the Medical School have complementary expertise in selected areas, but that they have not collaborated as much as we want. That’s partly a function of cultural separation and partly geographic separation that make it a challenge to achieve the maximum value from our collective resources. But now in a very specific, very targeted, very focused way we have created the Chemical Biology Discovery Center at Emory University that purposefully combines the strengths of medical investigators with those of medicinal chemists. The sum of our parts is much greater than the whole.

Ray Dingledine Ray Dingledine Ray Dingledine