Serdar Kurtkaya

Serdar Kurtkaya

Bioinformatics Analyst Chemical Biology Discovery Center

Emory College
Department of Chemistry
533 Atwood Hall
Atlanta, GA, 30322-3090

Focus/responsibilities at the Center

I am responsible for virtual screening and molecular modeling in the Informatics core of our Center. After primary HTS has identified “hit” compounds, I use molecular modeling to “dock” these compounds with the target protein and identify modifications that may enhance each compound’s action against the target. I then work with medicinal chemists to discuss the synthesis of analog compounds. I also use virtual screening and similarity modeling to identify potential compound analogs. After identifying commercially available compounds that are similar to the hit compound, I order and deliver them to the HTS group for further testing.

Educational/professional background

After earning my Masters in Chemistry at Emory in 2005, I joined the Chemical Biology Discovery Center as a bioinformatics analyst.

Serdar Kurtkaya Serdar Kurtkaya Serdar Kurtkaya