2004 Commencement Video Archives

Entire Commencement Ceremony - 1 hour 37 minutes

The Procession - 18 minutes 51 seconds

The President's Welcome - 1 minute 27 seconds

The Invocation - 3 minutes 13 seconds

Keynote Speaker - 16 minutes 21 seconds
Mary Robinson
Advocate of universal respect for fundamental rights and freedoms; Ireland's first woman president; United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights; Harvard Law fellow; Winston Churchill Medalist; recipient of CARE Humanitarian Award and Global Leadership Award.

Honorary Degree Recipients:

Mary Robinson

LeRoy T. Walker
Columbia PhD, exercise physiology and biomechanics; coach and mentor to countless Olympic athletes; head of U.S. Olympic Committee for Atlanta Centennial Games, now USOC emeritus;educator and administrative reformer for academic and athletic excellence
  3 minutes 14 seconds

James Bryan Williams
Emory Medalist, trustee emeritus; twenty-year chair, Woodruff Health Sciences Center Board; leader in establishing and funding Emory's renowned healthcare system; good and faithful steward, from humble beginnings, through thoughtful work, to simple success
  1 minutes 58 seconds

Caroline Walker Bynum
Path-breaking medieval historian, Princeton Institute for Advanced Study; University Professor, Columbia; American Philosophical Society; MacArthur Fellow; fellow, president, Medieval Academy of America; president, American Historical Association.
  5 minutes 15 seconds

Recognition of Certain Members of Student Body and Faculty - 54 seconds

Marion Luther Brittain Award - 3 minutes 44 seconds

Honor Role of Retiring Members of the Faculty and General Staff - 37 seconds

2004 Scholar Teacher Award - 2 minutes 36 seconds

2004 Thomas Jefferson Award - 2 minutes 35 seconds

Authorization for Conferral of Degrees - 1 minute

Conferral of Degrees

College - 1 minute 32 seconds
Medicine- 1 minute 36 seconds
Nursing - 1 minute 23 seconds
Theology, Law- 3 minutes 2 seconds
Business, Public Health
- 3 minutes 6 seconds
Graduate School, PhD - 3 minutes 38 seconds

The Benediction - 58 seconds