2005 Commencement Video Archives

Entire Commencement Ceremony - 1 hour 55 minutes

The Procession - 20 minutes 53 seconds

The President's Welcome - 1 minute 39 seconds

The Invocation - 3 minutes 13 seconds

Keynote Speaker - 26 minutes 13 seconds
Tom Brokaw
Renowned broadcast journalist and news anchor, whose in-depth reporting from around the world has demonstrated insightful analysis and high ethical commitment, and whose books of memoir and history have celebrated the virtues of integrity, courage, and justice.

Class Statistics and Honorary Degree Recipients
- 2 minutes 39 seconds

Honorary Degree Recipients:

Tom Brokaw
  1 minute 56 seconds

Thomas G. Cousins

Blended success in business with civic commitment, bringing innovation and compassion to bear on the built environment of Atlanta and creating model communities emulated throughout the country.
  1 minute 40 seconds

Sue T. Hegyvary 66N
Gifted clinician and teacher, has advanced the science of medical-surgical nursing by enhancing the application of research to practice and fostering practice as a subject for scholarly inquiry.
  1 minute 51 seconds

Ben F. Johnson Jr. 36C 40L
One of the most eminent public-interest lawyers in the State of Georgia, led the Emory Law School and Emory University to distinction, served as founding dean of the Georgia State University School of Law, and authored the legislation that created the Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transit Authority (MARTA).
  2 minutes 12 seconds

Lord Robin Butler
Evinced uncommon stewardship of the public trust through a lifelong commitment to the British civil service, as well as memorable hospitality and care for Emory students and faculty in residence at his alma mater, University College, Oxford.
  1 minute 37 seconds

Recognition of Certain Members of Student Body and Faculty - 51 seconds

Marion Luther Brittain Award - 4 minutes 5 seconds

Honor Role of Retiring Members of the Faculty and General Staff - 37 seconds

2005 Scholar Teacher Award - 2 minutes 15 seconds

2005 Thomas Jefferson Award - 2 minutes 8 seconds

Authorization for Conferral of Degrees - 1 minute

Conferral of Degrees

College - 1 minute 24 seconds
Medicine- 1 minute 32 seconds
Nursing - 1 minute 26 seconds
Theology - 1 minute 32 seconds
Law- 1 minute 27 seconds
- 1 minute 6 seconds
Public Health - 1 minute 22 seconds
Graduate School, PhD - 3 minutes 7 seconds

Message from President, Association of Emory Alumni - 1 minute 59 seconds

Recognition of  Alumni - 1 minute 59 seconds

The President's Remarks
- 6 minutes 44 seconds

The Benediction
- 5 minutes 22 seconds