Class Day Information

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Class Day is a student organized event for the baccalaureate degree candidates of Emory College, Goizueta Business School, the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, and the School of Medicine (Medical Imaging Program).  Traditionally, the event is held on the Thursday before Commencement and features a student-selected keynote speaker as well as the presentation of class gifts, and awards.  It precedes the Emory Senior Class Reception, Candlelight Crossover, and dessert reception.

Open only to the graduating seniors from Emory College, Nursing, Business (BBA), and Bachelor of Medical Science. No RSVP required, but seating is limited.

Keynote speaker - Adrian Grenier

Adrian GrenierAdrian Grenier is best known for his starring role in the Emmy-nominated HBO series Entourage, which aired from 2004-2011. Grenier portrayed Vincent Chase, a movie star from New York navigating the unfamiliar Los Angeles scene with his childhood friends. Since making his big screen debut in 1997, Grenier has also branched out into filmmaking, producing, and directing.

New Mexico born and New York bred, Grenier was raised by his mother, Karesse. In 2002, he embarked on a year-long search for the father from whom he was estranged for 18 years and documented the journey. The result was a feature-length film and his directorial debut, Shot in the Dark.

Grenier’s second feature-length documentary, Teenage Paparazzo, focuses on the complex relationship between celebrities and the media. The film premiered at Sundance 2010 and aired on HBO the same year. Grenier created The Teenage Paparazzo Experience Tour, a non-traditional theatrical release, designed to educate and continue the life of the film far beyond its conventional TV and DVD release. The film’s reach will extend to100 schools and 80,000 students. Teenage Paparazzo enjoys sustained success through town hall-style screenings across North America.

Grenier founded Reckless Productions in 2002 as a vehicle to craft socially responsible human stories. Through television and film, and both documentary and narrative, his company aims to challenge conventional thoughts and ideas and to evoke dialogue on important, current topics.

His work also emphasizes his goal of nudging sustainability into pop culture. Grenier’s 13-part TV series, Alter Eco, features young people who demonstrate how to live more sustainably, inspiring viewers to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. The show ran weekly on the Discovery Channel's Planet Green. He also co-founded the Webby Award-winning new media platform offers original video series, curated shopping, and a host of resources that speak to a modern, inspirational, eco-conscious lifestyle.

Grenier has produced two additional documentaries, Don't Quit Your Daydream, a film about two struggling musicians who are on the brink of breaking up the band, until they discover that the true value of music is not in commercial success, but in their friendship. It was released on iTunes by New Video. The other is How to Make Money Selling Drugs, a documentary which focuses on the failures of America's war on drugs.

With interests beyond the scope of film and television, Grenier is an avid musician who enjoys playing as a necessary part of his livelihood. He is the lead singer of the band Kid Friendly and the drummer in The Honey Brothers.

Some of Grenier’s other film credits include a starring role in the 1999 romantic comedy Drive Me Crazy, opposite Melissa Joan Hart, as well as the Britney Spears music video “You Drive Me Crazy”; the lead in The Adventures of Sebastian Cole in 1998; the 2002 film Love in the Time of Money; and in 2006, he played Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend Nate in the Oscar-nominated film The Devil Wears Prada.  

Awards presented during event

Boisfeuillet Jones Medals
These medals were established, designed, and initially endowed by DVS Senior Society to honor Boisfeuillet Jones, a DVS alumnus and one of Emory's most prominent and distinguished graduates. Representing what was special and unique about Jones, recipients are selected for their good citizenship, outstanding leadership, devoted service to Emory and the community, academic performance, and potential to become a 'Change Agent' in their chosen profession and society at large.

Brit Katz Senior Appreciation Award
Honored for his devotion to students and for serving as role model, leader, and friend, director of residence life R. Britton Katz was recognized at the first Class Day celebration in 2003. The Brit Katz Award, a wooden bowl, is presented to an administrator or staff member selected by seniors for his or her service as role model and friend to the senior class, for participation in the Emory community beyond his or her professional duty, and who is deemed worthy of special recognition. The award is sponsored by the Ducemus Senior Society.

Knights of Emory Spirit Awards
These awards recognize two outstanding seniors who are unsung heroes/heroines. Students selected for this honor have made great contributions to the University and promote Emory spirit with passion and selflessness.