Fall Term 2020 – Onboarding

As we come to campus this fall during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emory campus will look and feel a little different. With this new environment comes a new set of guidelines for how we will use campus space, conduct ourselves while on campus, and maintain a healthy environment for those around us. It is imperative that everyone understands what is expected when on campus to ensure we are doing our part to keep our community safe.

Emory has established a comprehensive clearance process for all students, faculty, and staff who plan to be on campus this fall. The process ensures members of the Emory community are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of public health safety protocols, and it affirms their readiness to be on campus. 

Below, you will find a link to start the onboarding process. Even with our safety measures in place, it is important for Emory to maintain as low density on campus as possible. If you are planning to return to campus for any amount of time this fall  to walk on campus, use the library, etc., you are required to complete the clearance process. If you are not planning to return to campus any time during the fall term, you DO NOT need to complete this clearance process.

If your studies or work require you to be on campus for short periods of time, your presence should be extremely limited, so that low density can be sustained. Use of the libraries, computing facilities, and other campus services should be carefully planned, with the most efficient use of time to minimize the duration of your visit. Our campus is open, but please wear a face covering and practice physical distancing while on campus to uphold safety standards for yourself and others.


Information for all undergraduate and graduate students planning to come to campus this fall.

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Faculty, Staff, and Medical Residents

Information for faculty and staff who will work, teach or conduct research on campus this fall.

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