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At Emory Dining, we believe it is important for students and community members to enjoy great food that is healthy and delicious. To serve the needs of the campus, we provide a variety of menu options and have developed our program to be as safe and inclusive as possible.

Special Diets

Vegan and Vegetarian

Vegan and Vegetarian choices are plentiful. Every Emory Dining location offers at least one Vegan or Vegetarian menu option at every meal period. The residential dining facility boasts a distinct Vegan station which offers a complete plant based meal at lunch and dinner.

Avoiding Gluten?

At our residential dining facility, the “Avoiding Gluten” station provides lunch and dinner selections prepared in a special area of the kitchen without ingredients that contain gluten. At other Emory Dining locations, we do not have specified areas for avoiding gluten, however, we offer many menu items made without gluten containing ingredients, and guests have the option of substituting non-gluten-containing alternatives for pasta, hamburger buns, or deli breads.


Emory Dining offers a Kosher meal plan available to all students and community members. The Dobbs Common Table in the Emory Student Center provides a certified Kosher lunch and dinner Sunday through Thursday and lunch on Friday. Guests may also enjoy Kosher meals at the Dobbs Common Table in the Emory Student Center at prevailing door rates.

Kosher sandwiches are available at Grab and Go retail locations across campus, including Cox Hall, Rollins Café, and White Hall.


A certified Halal protein option is available at Dobbs Common Table in the Emory Student Center every lunch and dinner meal period. Halal sandwich and salad options are available at Grab and Go retail locations across campus, including Cox Hall, Rollins Café, and White Hall.

To identify menu items that meet special dietary needs, Emory Dining uses menu icons on the online menu and on menu signs throughout the cafés. Learn more about the COR Icons.

Food Allergies

Emory Dining takes food allergies seriously and will try to accommodate the dietary needs of students and guests, where possible. The Dobbs Common Table in the Emory Student Center is a peanut-, tree nut-, and shellfish-free facility. At other dining locations, the eight most common allergens are present. While every effort is made to reduce the risk of cross-contact, guests should be aware that there is always a risk of cross-contact, especially at self-service locations. For more information on managing food allergies in our dining facilities, please refer to these guidelines.

Students with special dietary needs are encouraged to contact the Resident Dietitian, Jessica Perry (jessica.perry@cafebonappetit.com), in advance of their arrival on campus to discuss specific nutrition concerns and develop a plan to meet his or her individualized dietary needs.

Well-Being Commitments

A healthy environment, community, and café menu are vital to the well-being of our guests. Many of our guests have a high level of interest in health and nutrition. Emory Dining has several programs to support students and guests in making choices to improve their well-being.

Emory Dining uses a unique tool, the Well-Being Indicator, to support students and guests in making healthier choices. Menu items featuring whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are rated highest and produce a fuller arrow. Items with more saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar are scored lower and show a less full arrow. Look for the Well-Being Indicator on menus throughout our cafés and online. Learn more about the Well-Being Indicator.


For students and guests who need to take their food to go, Emory Dining offers full nutrition and ingredient information on all of our house-made Grab and Go items.

Learn about contemporary nutrition topics and gain a better understanding of the impact of food choices on personal health with the Food for Your Well-Being Program. Our nutrition team actively promotes healthy lifestyles through table displays, food tastings, and special menu options. Look for the team each month at Cox Hall, the Dobbs Common Table in the Emory Student Center, and Rollins Café.



If you need additional assistance finding the right types of foods for you, please reach out to your Emory Dining manager or chef. You can also contact our Registered Dietitian Jessica L Perry MS, RD, LD.