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Emory Dining FAQs

Our Vision:

In service to a diverse campus community, Emory Campus Dining operates to support the educational mission and social endeavors of the institution. As a unit of the Campus Life Division, it operates to advance the division’s goals and core values. Emory Campus Dining strives to be a nationally-recognized leader based on the innovative nature of its co-curricular programs, authentic culinary, service and sustainability standards and practices

Meal Plan Questions

Can I cancel a meal plan?

All first and second year students are required to enroll in a meal plan. Third and fourth year students who choose to live in University housing must also be enrolled in a meal plan. All students enrolled in a meal plan are committed for the entire academic year.

What is the difference between Dooley and Eagle Dollars?

Dooley Dollars are a component of a University meal plan. Dooley Dollars purchases are tax free and enjoy a 5% discount at the point of sale. As part of a campus meal plan, Dooley Dollars may only be used at campus dining locations or at Domino’s in Emory Village. Eagle Dollars are administered through the University Emory Card office and may be used for a variety of services at any on or off campus (e.g. bookstore, or CVS.) Eagle Dollar purchases are taxed at the current Georgia State tax rate.

Why do I have to have a meal plan?

In addition to providing continuous and convenient access to a variety of food choices, we believe communal dining to be an important part of the Emory undergraduate experience.

Can I change my meal plan?

Yes, students may change their meal plant to any plan in which they are eligible during specified meal plan change periods at the beginning of each semester.

Can I add Dooley Dollars?

Yes, Dooley Dollars may be added to an existing meal plan at any time during the academic year. Please click Housing and Dining Online Services for additional information.

I am part of a fraternity/sorority and live in the house. Do I need a meal plan?

Fraternity members who live in a fraternity house and have enrolled in their house meal plan are not required to enroll in a University meal plan but may do so to supplement their house plan. Sorority members living in the lodges are required to enroll in a University meal plan because they do not have house plans.

I am part of a fraternity/sorority and do not live in the house. Do I need a meal plan?

Fraternity and Sorority members living in University housing must enroll in a meal plan. Those living off campus are not required.

I am part of a themed house. Do I need a meal plan?

Students living in themed housing must choose a university meal plan unless a specificic house plan is offered and chosen. Second year students in themed housing have the option to enroll in Plan H if they choose as well.

I’m not on campus most weekends. Do I still need a meal plan?

If you currently live on campus you will be required to have a meal plan. Please contact the Emory Campus Dining office, who will help guide you to the meal plan that would best fit your needs and lifestyle.

I live off campus. What are my meal plan options?

Students living off campus may choose any plan offered.

What is the difference between Dooley Dollars and a Meal Swipe?

Dooley Dollars are declining balance funds associated with your meal plan and may be used at any retail or a la carte dining venue on campus. Meal swipes are also part of a campus meal plan and provide entry into the all-you–care- to- eat. Dobbs Market. As well, meal swipes may be conveniently used for meal exchange items at White Hall, the SAAC Café or the Wrec Café at Woodruff Residential.

What is the Disability Medical Meal Plan?

Disability Medical Plan is a declining balance plan provided to certain students based on special medical needs or circumstances. The Emory Office of Disability Services determines eligibility.

Are Guest Meal Passes available?

Meal Plan A particpants are provided 16 guest meal passes per semester which may be used at Dobbs Market.

Am I able to use Oxford Dollar at Emory?

Yes, all dining locations on both the Atlanta and Oxford campuses accept Oxford Dollars and Dooley Dollars.

Dining Restrictions

I have special dietary needs. Will I be able to eat on campus?

There are many dining options for those with special dietary needs. Please use the ASK THE DIETITIAN page to assist in answering questions and concerns.

Do you offer Kosher or Halal meals?

We offer Kosher meals in Dobbs Market Sunday through Thursday for lunch and dinner and lunch on Fridays. Shabbat Meals are served at the Marcus Hillel Center at Emory. Although we do not currently offer Halal meat at Dobbs Market we do have a wide variety of Vegan/Vegetarian options available. We do offer Kosher and Halal grab and go options at the following locations:


How about Vegetarian and Vegan meals?

Vegetarians and Vegans have a variety of options across campus. Contact the Campus Dining office with any further questions.

I have a gluten allergy. Am I able to eat on campus?

Yes. We have a dedicated Gluten-free station at Dobbs Market.

What is the price for a guest Kosher meal at Dobbs Market?

There is a $3.00 premium to the current Dobbs Market door prices.

Dining Locations

Where do I find the location and hours of dining operations?

Please click TIME TO EAT for hours of operations and click here for a map of all dining locations.

What dining locations are open on the weekends?

Dobbs Market, Highland Bakery, SAAC Café, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Zaya at Dooley’s Den & Eagle Convenience & Subs.

I have a busy class schedule. What should I do?

Various locations across campus offer grab and go style meals for those short on time.

What are my late night dining options on campus?

Dobbs Market, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Zaya at Dooley’s Den & Eagle Convenience & Subs.

Can visitors eat at Dobbs Market?

Yes, 2014-15 guest meal prices are as follows:

I live on the Clairmont Campus. What are my dining options?

The SAAC café offers classic grill options, subs and a wide variety of convenience items.

Miscellaneous questions

How do I contact…campus dining, farmers market, catering, meal plans, etc.

Please click the link below for Emory Campus Dining’s contact information.

Emory Campus Dining Contact Information

Who do I contact with questions about the Farmers Market?

Please email farmersmarket@emory.edu for any market related questions.

I am a student and want to give input or feedback in regards to dining.  What should I do?

FACE is a student run organization who leads a pivotal role in shaping the dining program at Emory University.  Please see the FACE page for contact information

Does Emory Campus Dining participate in any sustainability initiatives?

Yes!  Please click the link below to read about the many initiatives Emory Campus Dining performs.

Emory Emory Dining Sustainability

I’ve been overcharged when I purchased a meal.  What should I do?

Please contact the Campus Dining office to help with your overcharge.

Emory Campus Dining Contact Information

I’ve been double charged when I purchased a meal.  What should I do?

Please contact the Campus Dining office to help with your double charge.

Emory Campus Dining Contact Information

I lost my Emory ID.  What should I do?

REPORT YOUR LOST CARD IMMEDIATELY, following the information posted on the EmoryCard site.

Please contact or visit the EmoryCard office at 404-727-6095 or email to emorycard@emory.edu to obtain a new card.

Is there special pricing for faculty and staff at Dobbs Market?

Yes there is.  Breakfast is $6.00, Lunch is $7.00 and Dinner is $10.00.  You will also receive one free meal for every three purchased.

How can I check my Dooley Dollar Balance?

You can log into the EmoryCard Web Center to get your balance and see all financial transactions.