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The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is thrilled to present this interactive and informative resource for gluten-free college students (and college students to come!). We hope you find GREAT U to be uplifting, empowering and - most of all - fun to read.

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Market flourishes on busy Emory campus

Posted By: Deborah Geering · 2/22/2012 12:13:00 PM

At a time of year when many farmers markets are on hiatus, one is at its peak: Emory Farmers Market.

The market is tied to the academic schedule, so it’s closed during university breaks, including summer. But when class is in session—right now—the market is at full throttle. The arrangement gives vendors and consumers another way to connect during the lean winter months

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Conversation grows about Georgia olives

December 15, 2011

By John Kessler

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The climate of South Georgia can never pass for that of the Mediterranean. Humid and ferociously hot in the summer, prone to extended frost in the winter, it’s not exactly a beach vacation on a Greek isle.

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Campus Cafés Grow Fair Trade Choices

September 28, 2011

by Will Canon

Emory University began a discussion about the sustainability in our food system in 2007 with the creation of the Sustainable Food Committee. From this group of faculty, staff, and students came the direction and implementation necessary to meet an ambitious goal set for the University—75 percent of all food served in Emory’s cafeterias and hospitals must be sustainably grown or from local sources by the year 2015. This is no easy task for an institution the size of Emory, and particularly difficult in the era of globalization when the average piece of food travels 1,500 miles before it reaches your plate.

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Prepping for Service (The Emory Wheel Restaurant Guide)

November 12, 2011

Walk into the same DUC I’ve been stepping into for the last four years. This time, though, I have an important escort: Chef Michael Lyle.

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Going for the Green with Cart, Cookies and Fair Trade Coffee

March 3, 2008

Going green is becoming a national ethos. Now, Emory students have easy access to reliably organic pick-me-ups.

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August 9, 2011

Emory University has received a Gold rating in the Sustainability Tracking

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What's Hot On Campus

Spring\Summer 2011

Emory University Sets World Record for Longest Taco Line.

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Around The Campus  

Emory Sets World Record May 2011

Emory University in Atlanta, GA recently set the world record for the longest fish taco. In the Dobbs University Center on Feb. 16, students and staff from Emory Dining’s Green Team filled tortillas with sustainable cod.

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Going Beyond Taco Tuesdays

May 1, 2011

College students at Emory University participated in a big taco promotion earlier this year. The university partnered with Alaska Seafood and got to work on a line of fish tacos that stretched to 121 feet long.

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Curb Appeal

Nov 1, 2010 , By Joanna DeChellis and John Lawn

With the right venue opportunities, onsite operators can successfully tap offsite customer traffic.


The next time someone you know raves about “a great little bagel joint” they just visited, consider this: such word of mouth advertising can work just as well to build onsite transactions as it does for streetside businesses.

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Sample and serve: Heritage turkeys are centerpiece of Thanksgiving events at Emory

November 14, 2011

By Kelly Gray

At the annual 5K Intramural Turkey Trot on Nov. 17, runners can expend calories before gorging themselves during their annual Thanksgiving feasts.


Heritage breed turkeys, once considered the most critically endangered domestic animals of all time, have made resurgence with the help of Emory's annual Thanksgiving feast.

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Emory's Thanksgiving feast helps save an endangered breed

November 22, 2010

By Kelly Gray

It may seem counterintuitive to encourage eating an endangered breed to preserve it. But that is what Emory has been doing for the past two years with its purchasing power by creating a viable consumer market for Heritage turkey.

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Cookbook shares parents' recipes

December 15, 2010

A digital cookbook with prizes for the best recipes is Emory Dining’s way of easing the transition from home to college living.

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