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In order to maintain the appearance of the meeting and event spaces, the attachment of any signs, banners, posters, etc. to the walls or ceilings is not permitted. Please do not use confetti or open flames as part of your setup or decorations. It is also understood that you will leave the spaces in a neat and orderly condition, free of excess debris or display refuse, at the conclusion of your meeting or event. There will be additional charges if these policies are not met.

Alcohol Policy

Locations where those of legal drinking age may possess, consume, or serve alcoholic beverages:

Guidelines for social events: Where applicable, please note that this policy applies to the expenditure of both allocated funds and self-generated funds. It also applies to on-campus events and events held off campus through a third party vendor.

Non-Registered Events: Certain events at which alcoholic beverages are present do not have to be registered. Such events involve only the sponsoring groups’ members and their individually invited guests, and are functions at which the total number of invited guests is limited to three times the membership total of the sponsoring group. (New members of fraternities and sororities are counted as part of their groups’ total membership.) All events must comply with state and local laws and University policies.

Registered Events: Student organization sponsored events at which alcoholic beverages will be served must be registered two weeks prior to the event. Student organizations must register events through the Office of Student Activities. Fraternities and sororities must register all events with alcoholic beverages through the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life. Requirements for registered events are as follows:

Alcoholic beverages may not be possessed, consumed, or served at University intramural sports contests or University intercollegiate athletic contests. Enforcement will be under the authority of the Director of Athletics or his/her staff, as appropriate.

Neither Emory University’s name nor the names of its organizations may be used with any commercial sponsorship relating to alcoholic beverages, i.e. beer distributors, beverage company.

Policy Violations

Additional Policies Regarding Alcohol

Kind of Alcohol to be Served and Amounts

For further information and assistance, please contact the following:

Student Activities Office
425 DUC

Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life
416 DUC

Office of Residence Life
1st Floor Alabama Hall
Revised May 2, 2005