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Communal Dining and Meal Plans at Emory

Communal dining is a critical component to the residential undergraduate experience at Emory. 

Meal plans have been designed to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Provide ample and equal access to all students to high quality nutritious food to better ensure a healthy diet.
  2. Give all first year students unlimited access to the DUC-ling morning, noon or night.
  3. Provide first and second year students the opportunity to enjoy and participate in all you care to eat, communal dining at the DUC-ling.
  4. Provide increased meal plan choices and flexibility for students in their second to third and fourth years.

Meal Plan Choices and Features

Meal plans are tax exempt and as such are non-transferrable.

Students can sign up for a dining plan or add Dooley Dollars to their plans at any time throughout the academic year by going to the My Housing Web.

Please note: Any remaining swipes at the end of the Fall semester will be added to the swipes you receive for the Spring if you have a Spring meal plan with swipes. Dooley Dollars will roll over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester and the Summer sessions, but not from one academic year to another. Graduating students will not be able to use Dooley Dollars after graduation.

If you have more questions about dining plans, please contact dining@emory.edu.