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2015-16: Find & Purchase a Dining Plan

Review the Dining Plan Requirements, Dining Plan Assignments and Dining Plan Options to determine the plan that’s right for you.
Once you have selected a plan, you may
purchase your plan on Emory Housing Web.

For a more in-depth description of the dining plans review the

Dining Plan Agreements.

Dining Plan Requirements

Dining Plan Schedule

Dining Plan Assignments

Dining Plan Options

Student Year Eligibility Plan Meals Dooley $ Guest passes Cost
1st year and above Plan A Unlimited $150 16 $2,705
2nd year and above Plan B 100 $650 0 $1,872
2nd year and above Plan C 130 $450 0 $1,915
Upperclass and Graduate Plan F - $500 0 $500
Upperclass and Graduate Plan G 10 $700 0 $700
Upperclass and Graduate Plan H - $1,100 0 $1,100
1st year and above Plan K * Unlimited $150 0 $3,245

*Plan K - $3,245.00 per semester - includes $150 Dooley Dollars

Policies Quick Links

Dooley Dollars - You receive a 5% discount at any Emory Dining location when using Dooley Dollars for the purchase of food and beverage items. Dooley Dollars are tax free, giving you an additional 7% discount. You can use your EmoryCard at 15 food locations across campus, with the amount automatically deducted from the balance on your account. Dooley Dollars roll over from the fall to spring and summer semesters. They do not roll over to the next academic year and the balance is non-refundable. Merchandise, gift cards and other non-food products cannot be purchased with Dooley Dollars. If you find yourself low on Dooley Dollars, you can always add more in $75 increments.

Dobbs Market – Use a Meal Swipe to enjoy this global cuisine market that provides you with endless opportunities to each fresh, healthy options from around the world in our state-of-the-art facility located in the Dobbs University Center.

Meal Exchange - This allows you to utilize one of your meal swipes to purchase a meal at the Residential Dining Locations as well as limited retail options. Current locations are WREC at Woodruff Residential, Emory Market at Clairmont, and White Hall. In Exchange for your Dobbs Market meal, you may choose from several pre-designated meal combinations combo meals. The combo meals vary per location.