Self Service FAQs:

Q: I am looking for a class that I want to take, and cannot find it.  Why can’t I find the class – I know it is offered?

A:  You have to be assigned to be a member of a learner group in order to be able to enroll in a class.  Contact the department administrator or the instructor for additional information on requirements for enrolling in the class.

Q:  What is "My Learning"?

A: "My Learning" shows all of your training records in the system, and can be filtered to show current, planned, and past trainings.

Q:  Can I drop my enrollment in a class?

A: It depends.  If you enrolled yourself in the class, you can drop it.  Go to your My Learning page, located the class, and click on the "Drop" button.  If your manager or a training administrator enrolled you in the class you cannot drop it.  Contact your manager or training administrator to drop your enrollment.

Q:  When I go to enroll/register for a class/program, I see that I have more than 1 job listed.  Which job should I select?

A:  You should select the job that the class/program is the most relevant to.  The supervisor of the job selected will receive email notifications.

Q:  I never check my emory.edu email, so how will I get notified of my registrations?

A:  You must check your emory.edu email account for University system generated email messages.

Q:  I work for Emory HealthCare and want to take a class listed in the catalog.  How do I enroll?

A:  If you are already logged into the ELMS, you can select the class and click on the enroll button.  If you are not logged into the system, you can go to https://elmprod9.emory.edu.  Login using your network id and password.

Q:  My supervisor said that she did not get an email about me attending a class.  What should I tell her?

A:  First, ask you departmental HR person to verify that she is shown as your supervisor in PeopleSoft HR.  If she isn't, then the records need to be updated.  Also, all emails go the emory.edu email address; so, if your supervisor doesn't check that email address, she will not have seen the email.  Finally, your supervisor should check her junk email file as sometimes email is caught in the spam filter.

Q:  I am enrolled in a class that requires supervisory approval, but my supervisor is out of the office for the next few weeks.  What should I do?

A:  Contact the class administrator and make him/her aware.  The administrator can assist you.  You can click on the class name to find the administrator's contact name and can send an email to them by clicking on the name.

Q:  My supervisor wants me to run a report of the training that all of his direct reports had this year.  How do I do that?

A:  You are not able to run this type of report.  Your supervisor will have to go into the Manager Self Service, and click on the "Team Learning" tile to download data for their team.

Manager Self-Service FAQs:

Q:  I cannot see my direct reports under Team Learning.  What should I do?

A:  Check with your departmental HR person and ask that he/she update PeopleSoft HR to show you as the supervisor.

Q:  I am going to be out of the office for the next few weeks. If I have employees who need to have supervisory approval for classes they enroll in, what should I do?

A:  Let your employees know that if they have classes that show "pending approval" they should contact the class administrator by clicking on the class name and clicking on the Contact name.

Q:  I want to get a report of all the training that my employees have taken this year.  I asked one of my employees and my HR Representative to run this report and they both indicated that they cannot do it.  What do I do now?

A:  Go into the Manager Self Service, and click on the "Team Learning" page to download data.  At the top of the page set the 'Search Filter' to "All Learning Transcript" 'For' "All Learners" and hit Go.  Completed learning for your team will be displayed.  The chart icon to download the list to Excel.  You can use the 'Search Filter' to pull different versions of the training and the 'For' field to limit who is in the report.  Once in Excel, you can sort learning to suit your needs.