Enrolling in an On-line Activity

Go to Search the Catalog, enter the name (or partial name) of a Learning Activity.

Click the Search Activities button.

Enroll 1

Locate the specific Activity for which you would like to enroll.

Click on Enroll.

Enroll 2

You will get a Review Information page.  After ensuring that this is the correct activity, click on Submit Enrollment.

Enroll 3

  You will get an Enrollment Confirmation.  You are now enrolled in the Activity.  If you are ready to begin the class, at the bottom of that page, you click on the word Launch.  If you are not ready to start the Activity, you can Launch the on-line training from your All Learning page at a later time.

Image 4

After clicking on the Launch link, you will get a screen titled "Table of Contents".  Click the "Launch" button.  Note:  It may take a little bit of time for the on-line course to load; please be patient.  Also, do not close the ELMS while you are in the on-line course.  If you do, you will close the course and lose the work you have done.

Enroll 5