Registering for a Program

There are two types of Programs – Curriculum or Certification. See the terminology document for definitions.

Because a program can be made up of multiple activities, you Register for a Program and then you must Enroll in the specific Activities.

To Register for a Program, you should go to Search Catalog, click on Programs, and then Search Programs. A list of current programs will be displayed. Beside each program, you will see if it is a Curriculum program or a Certification program. Click the Register button located to the Right of the program’s name.


After you click the Register button, you will get a screen titled “Review Information.” If this is the program that you intended to register for, click the Submit Registration button.


You will then receive a Registration Confirmation page.


Return to your My Learning Page and you will see the certification listed as “Registered.”


Click on the program title and you will see a screen that provides information about the program and its activities. Click View Enrollment Options.


You will then see a screen that provides the specifics about that particular Learning Activity. You can then Enroll in the activity or Add to Plan if you are not ready to enroll. (See section on Learning Plans.)


If you enroll, you will receive a Review Information screen this Activity. Click Submit Enrollment.


You can now see that your program is listed as “In Progress” on your All Learning page.