Add Supplemental Learning for an Employee

Depending on how you manage your department, encourage your employees to enter their supplemental training through the ELMS Self Service. However, if you manange all of their learning activity, please make sure you are getting all pertinent external training information from your employees so that it is accurately reflected in their records.

Supplemental Learning is learning that is not offered through the Emory Learning Management System (ELMS). This may be learning obtained at a conference or provided by an outside organization.

Click on “Supplemental Learning” under Team Learning.

pic 1

A page will be displayed that provides a list of your team members. Click the “Add” button.

pic 2

You will see the Supplemental Learning page for that employee. To add Supplemental Learning to an employee’s record, select the appropriate type of learning and click “Continue.”

pic 3

A Supplemental Learning Details page will appear for you to enter the required information, and click “Save.”

pic 4