ELMS Terminology

Catalog Item

Formerly referred to as a “course,” it describes a training offering, e.g., Time Management, but does not provide a specific date and time

Learning Activity

A specific instance of a training offering, formerly referred to as a class (e.g., Time Management delivered on Monday, September 15th, from 8:30 - 12:00)

Note: You ENROLL for Learning Activities, and REGISTER for Programs.

Delivery Method Type

Type refers to the method in which the learning activity is delivered, e.g.,

Programs (2 types)

  1. Curriculum (program)

An example of a curriculum program would be the Manager Development Program offered by Learning Services.

  1. Certification (program)

An example of a Certification Program would be any required training that must be repeated in order for you to remain certified or the training to be considered valid, e.g., Defensive Driving, safety training, CPR.

Note: You ENROLL for Learning Activities, and REGISTER for Programs.

Lesson Components

Lesson components refer to any and all modules that make up a learning activity, e.g.,

Learning Plan

A Learning Plan is a list of catalog items that you plan to take.  You might design this plan as part of your professional development planning for the year.


Status indicates the current status of your learning activity. Status types include:

Certification Status

Certification Status indicates the status of your certification.  Certification status includes:

Expired: Your certification period ended and you have not taken and/or passed the training that is required to continue your certification.