Enroll an Employee in a Learning Activity

Select one or more employees to enroll into a learning activity, select “Enroll” in the Group Actions box and click Go. (Note: To select more than one employee, click on the box to the left of the employees that you would like to attend training.)

pic 1

The Search Catalog page will be displayed and you can search for a catalog item (course), activity, or program for the team member(s).

pic 2

Search the Catalog the same way that you would to enroll yourself in a learning activity. Once you have located the activity, you can click the Enroll button and enroll the employee(s) directly into the class.

pic 3

You will get a Review Information page. After ensuring this is the correct activity, click “Submit Enrollment.”

pic 4

You will get an Enrollment Confirmation page indicating that the team member has been successfully enrolled or waitlisted.

pic 5

If you are enrolling multiple team members, your confirmation will provide you with information for each employee. In the example below, you can see that two employees were enrolled in the class and the third was put on the waitlist.

pic 6