Team Learning Plans

A Learning Plan is a list of catalog items that an employee plans to take. An employee might design this plan as part of his/her professional development planning for the year. As a manager, you can add items to, or delete items from, an employee’s existing Learning Plan. You can also create a new Learning Plan for an employee.

Click on “Team Learning Plans” under Team Learning.

pic 1

You will see a list of your team’s learning plans. You can select the learning plan that you want to review or update by clicking on the title of the learning plan.

pic 2

You will see a page that shows the Learning Plan Details for that employee. You can add a new learning plan for that employee if you desire.

pic 3

You can also choose to “Update Learning” Plans by clicking on that link.

pic 4

You can select one or more learners from the list by checking the check box next to their name. Click “Create a New Learning Plan” link to assign a learning plan or click “Add New Learning to Plan” to assign a learning activity to the existing learning plan.

pic 5

If you assign a new learning plan, that plan will then be listed on the Team Learning Plans page. You will also see that the there are two new columns: Assigned By (which shows your name) and a Delete column, which you can use to delete the learning plan should you desire. The employee cannot, however, delete a learning plan that you assign.

pic 6