View Team Members Training

To view your team members, click on the Team Members link under “My Team Learning.”

pic 1

You will see a list of employees that report directly to you. (Note: If an employee is not listed, you should contact your departmental HR representative and ask them to update the PeopleSoft HR database to show you as the supervisor.)

pic 2

You can also click on “View Team Reporting to Me” and select your direct reports who are also supervisors, click Go, and view their team members. In this example, Team Member 1 is also a supervisor. 

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To View an individual employee’s training records, select the team member’s name, select Team Learning in the Action Box, and click Go. (Note: You can view the training for the entire team by selecting all of the team members.)

pic 5

You will be able to view the individual’s training, based on different filters (in this example, the filter is set to Current Learning). In addition to the title of the activity, you can see the date and status of the upcoming training. To learn specific information about the course, you can click on the course title. You can also drop this person’s enrollment in the class by clicking on the Drop Button.

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