The Emory Learning Management System (ELMS) allows you to quickly and easily monitor the training and development of your team.  You can view your employees' training, enroll employees in learning activities, approve courses, and create Learning Plans for your employees.  Below you will find resources to assist you in using the ELMS as a manager.

Manager's Quick Reference Guide to the Emory Learning Management System (ELMS)

To assist you in using the Manager function of the ELMS, click on the links below for specific information on how to use the system.

  1. ELMS Terminology
  2. View Team Members Training
  3. Enroll an Employee in a Learning Activity
  4. Approve Enrollment for an Employee
  5. View My Team Learning Page
  6. View Team Certification Status
  7. Add Supplemental Learning for an Employee
  8. Team Learning Plans
  9. Who to Contact for Department-Specific Training Questions

To print the entire ELMS Manager's Quick Reference Guide, click here .

ELMS Training Video

For a short video demonstration of how to use the ELMS, click here.

Self-Service Guides

To locate information to assist you with your personal learning, click here.