EUEC Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Emory University Emeritus College (EUEC). The EUEC seeks to provide opportunities for continued intellectual, creative, and collegial engagement of the University's retired faculty and administrative staff.

On our website you will find information about EUEC programs, which provide ways to be engaged with the EUEC and with Emory. The Lunch Colloquium is one such program, as it offers the opportunity for emeriti and other presenters and audiences to share topics that elicit spirited, collegial dialogue. The EUEC Newsletter, generally sent twice monthly, provides the best overview of EUEC activities. Our Creating Retirement link provides university services and recommended reading concerning brain health and successful aging. Other resources are as follows:

EUEC-Related Resources:

EUEC Affiliates:

To find out more about the EUEC, please email or call me at the number below.


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