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January 5, 2015

This issue of our newsletter is sent to members and friends of the Emory University Emeritus College (EUEC).
I hope the newsletter will help keep you informed about our activities and help you feel connected with our members throughout the U.S.  On the left are links to our website and links to contact either me or the EUEC office.

With best wishes,

Gray F. Crouse
Director, EUEC
In this Issue:
DirectorMessage from the Director

The New Year is already upon us. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and had a good start to 2015. EUEC is beginning 2015 by considering what the future might hold, thanks to Selden Deemer who will talk about the Pew Report on Digital Life in 2015, with some interesting and surprising conclusions. You can read more about his talk (and even read the Pew Report--more than 60 pages--if you would like) in the article below.


I want to especially thank all of those who were involved in making our last Lunch Colloquium of 2015 both productive and entertaining. The article below identifies many of the people involved. Special thanks go to Beverly Schaffer and Julianne Daffin who are putting a lot of work and enthusiasm into considering how we can expand our activities, Don Saliers for bringing and playing his wonderful (and heavy!) keyboard, Kimberly Hawkins who did a lot of work behind the scenes, and especially to Gretchen Schulz who brought the whole celebration together.


There are a lot of interesting activities planned for the spring, only a few of which are mentioned in this newsletter, and I look forward to seeing those of you who can come to them.

I am very grateful to Herb Benario, Gretchen Schulz, and John Bugge for help with proofing and editing.  


LCTopJanuary 12 Lunch Colloquium

Imagining The Future 



What better way to start the New Year than to consider the future?  EUEC member Selden Deemer will talk about the Pew Report on Digital Life in 2025.  





The Luce Center, Room 130, 11:30-1:00


 For more information, click here  




We enjoyed a two-for-one with both a discussion of possibilities for EUEC for the coming year and a holiday party. 



Celebrating the Arts next Spring

Next spring is going to be a real EUEC celebration of the arts. You will be receiving more information later, but I wanted to make you aware of what is coming up so that you can save the dates and perhaps begin to prepare.


We have been invited to display EUEC art in the Chace Lobby of the Schwartz Center towards the end of spring semester. A committee of EUEC members (Katherine Mitchell, Pat Miller, and David Goldsmith) is helping to coordinate this effort and will be contacting EUEC members later, seeking out the visual artists among you who have art to display during this period. We are planning a gala opening reception for Sunday, March 8, in the afternoon.


On Monday, April 6, Will Ransom and the Vega Quartet will give a special concert just for EUEC at our Lunch Colloquium (in the Carlos Museum) and then on Wednesday, April 8, Brenda Bynum will give our annual Sheth Lecture.  Devoted to the theme of Creativity in Later Life, the Sheth Distinguished Lecture is named in honor of Dr. Jagdish and Mrs. Madhuri Sheth whose generous donation has made this annual event possible.  


Thanks to everyone involved in helping to put together what promises to be a grand time for us all!


FA1Faculty Activities


There are more EUEC faculty activities to report.


Click here to read the latest



Emory's OLLI program (the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Emory) remains very interested in recruiting faculty from EUEC to teach in its courses.  To encourage EUEC participation, we are offering EUEC-OLLI teaching fellowships.  For more information about OLLI and what teaching in OLLI is like, please click here.

The new OLLI catalog is out for the January-March 2015 term, and four EUEC members are teachingClick here to see the full list of courses.  Michael Zeiler is teaching History of Psychology Part II, John Bugge is teaching A Short History of the English Language, Herb Benario is teaching Fictional History, Historical Fiction, and Dorothy Fletcher and Bill Fletcher are teaching Exploring the World of Persian Miniature Painting II.  In addition to those courses, there are many more being offered.  Register for classes by going to

LCBotAlternative Futures: The Pew Report on Digital Life in 2025

SELDEN DEEMER, Libraries Systems Administrator Emeritus

Monday, January 12, 2015, The Luce Center, Room 130, 11:30-1:00


In March 2014, the Pew Research Center published a report, "Digital Life in 2025." They had canvassed 2558 experts about how they think society will have altered by the year 2025, as the Internet continues to evolve and influence social, economic, and political processes. They grouped the responses to their question about "the most significant overall impacts of our uses of the Internet" into 15 theses--some of which may shock you, delight you, horrify you--and some of which may not surprise you at all. Mindful that 2025 is not the far future as it may at first seem but is only 10 years away, we've invited retired Emory Librarian Selden Deemer to talk us through these theses. As he says, "futurists are more often wrong than not, but these 15 theses should provoke thought and discussion." If you want to explore in advance, the 60-page (!) Pew report can be read by clicking here, or you can come and hear Selden share the interesting parts and ask for our responses!  


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FA2Faculty Activities

Mort Waitzman at the Bremen Center


On December 14, EUEC member Mort Waitzman talked about his experiences in World War II to a packed audience at the Bremen Center.  A poster for that event can be seen by clicking here.   


This spring, we will get to hear Mort talk about his experiences at a Lunch Colloquium on May 18.  Be sure to save that date! 


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For the final Lunch Colloquium of 2014, on Monday, December 15, we divided our time between a program and a party, both planned to enable attendees to celebrate the season by giving of themselves in a variety of ways, while receiving plenty of pleasure in the process, too.

For one thing, attendees were able to give to the Emeritus College itself (and hence to one another) by responding with enthusiasm to our presenters' pleas for contributions--contributions in the form of suggestions for ways in which the EUEC might enhance opportunities it already makes available to its members and add to the roster of such opportunities, as well. The Co-chairs of our Membership Committee, Julianne Daffin and Beverly Schaffer, reported on ideas that had emerged in discussions with their committee members and solicited further ideas from all present at the Colloquium, ideas on what the EUEC might do (or do better) for its members and what it might enable its members to do for the EUEC, the University, and the wider community, indeed, the wider world.


Julianne and Bev identified a long list of topics retirees (and soon-to-be retirees) might like EUEC programming to address in some fashion, including those related to living arrangements in later years (like reverse mortgages, leaving one's home, and elder care), financial planning (like wills, estate taxes, and power of attorney), and health care (like concierge medicine). They spoke about activities the EUEC might somehow promote--like group visits to the theater, the opera, the symphony, and so on, with a focus on the issue of transportation to such outings. Would there be interest in having transportation provided, for example, between the Luce Center and various arts destinations? There were also suggestions of activities like book clubs, discussion groups (as, perhaps, on travel experiences) and MOOC-related gatherings.


Julianne spoke at some length about an activity the EUEC already sponsors that more might wish to get involved in--the Medshare project that sends shipments of available medical supplies to places worldwide where they are much needed. (Helen O'Shea and Marianne Scharbo-DeHaan confirmed how rewarding work on this project has been for all involved and also encouraged others to consider getting involved, pointing out that information about how to do so can be found on the EUEC website.) John Bugge then spoke about the possibility of creating a version of a "retirement village" in the University area--organizing mutual support and social interaction for retirees living within relatively easy reach of one another as has been done in other locations with which he's familiar. And attendees offered still further ideas--with Stewart Roberts sharing some of a long list of subjects worth attention that he'd prepared ahead of time (click here to see his list of suggestions) and others suggesting arrangements to enable the sharing of interests in bridge or bird-watching or photography. As the program portion of the Colloquium concluded, Julianne and Bev collected brief surveys of member views that they'd distributed earlier, promising to put information they provide together with everything else as their committee continues to consider recommendations for action the EUEC might undertake or somehow support in the future. Click here to see their report. They encouraged members to get in touch as more ideas occur to them: and


Then it was time to party. And it can be said that we partied pretty hearty. Serving wenches distributed plates of cookies (provided by volunteers, including organizer Tiny Westbrook and Holly York, Bee Nahmias, Helen O'Shea, Susa Nahmias, and Pat Miller---mmm, mmm, mmm) while John Bugge offered bottle after bottle of the sparkling cider he provided. Don Saliers slipped into a seat behind the keyboard he'd brought with him, flung a colorful scarf around his neck, and led us through a roster of holiday classics, sacred and profane and everything in between. John (again), and Pat (again), and Gretchen Schulz read poems with a holiday theme. And a few shared memories of this special  season from years past, often long past--none more touching than Mort Waitzman's description of Christmas Eve 1944 when the silence of a temporary truce in the Battle of the Bulge let the men of his company hear nearby German soldiers singing "heilige Nacht."


At the end of the party, the contenders in the "Most Spectacularly Seasonal Sweater" contest rose to model their entries in the competition, with voting by attendees awarding the prize (of a recording of Dylan Thomas reciting "A Child's Christmas in Wales") to Jerry Williamson (though Bev Schaffer was as close a runner-up as a runner-up can be). We sent people on their way to their individual holiday celebrations with little bags of leftover cookies (mmm, mmm, mmm) while Kim Hawkins lugged big bags of the Toys for Tots we'd collected to an official collection site just up the road. Let's hope they gave the tots as much pleasure as picking them out and handing them in did us. "God bless [them], every one"


--Gretchen Schulz and Beverly Schaffer





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