Awardees | 2003-2007


Bob Kibler, Neurology (nominated by Herb Karp and Mario Digirolamo)

Emilia Navarro, Spanish (nominated by Martine Brownley)

John Rozier, Information Services (nominated by Mary Cobb Callahan)

Richard Ward, Psychiatry (nominated by Sammye Brown)


Bob DeHaan, Cell Biology (nominated by Eleanor Main)

Herb Karp, Neurology (nominated by Bob Kibler)

Marie Morris Nitschke, Libraries (nominated by Linda Matthews)

Art Dietz, Economics (nominated by Jim Hund)


Willis Hurst, Medicine (nominated by John Stone)

Neil Penn, History, Oxford (nominated by Bond Fleming)

Jake Ward, Dean of Alumni (nominated by Gary Hauk)

Gene Bianchi, Religion (nominated by Paul Courtright)


Rose Dilday, Nursing (nominated by Susan Eckert)

Clint Gardner, Theology (nominated by Ted Weber)

William Dillingham, Literature (nominated by John Bugge)

Jim Bain, Pharmacology (nominated by Steve Holtzman)


Bond Fleming, Dean of Oxford College

Thomas Sellers, Public Health

Harvey Young, History