Awardees | 2008-2012


Donna J. Brogan, School of Public Health (nominated by Michael H. Kutner)

Dana K. Greene, Oxford College (nominated by John Bugge)

Carl C. Hug, Jr., School of Medicine (nominated by Herbert W. Benario & Yung-Fong Sung)

James W. Keller, School of Medicine (nominated by Carl C. Hug, Jr.)

2012 DEA Recipients
Above (L to R): 2012 Distinguished Emeriti D. Brogan, C. Hug, D. Greene, and J. Keller.


Louis J. Skip Elsas, School of Medicine (nominated by W. Virgil Brown)

Michael Lane, School of Medicine (nominated by Gene Bianchi)

Helen O’Shea, School of Nursing (nominated by Julianne Daffin, Jo Ann Dalton & Marianne Scharbo-DeHaan)

Harriet Robinson, School of Medicine (nominated by Rafi Ahmed)

DEA 2010


To the Left
: 2010 Distinguished Emeriti with Nominators. Left to Right: (Front) Don Saliers, Susan Henry-Crowe, Jean Priest, Skip Elsas, Eloise Carter, and Kent Linville. (Back) Don McCormick, Virgil Brown, Bill Murdy, and Bill McKibben.





Don McCormick, Chemistry (nominated by Virgil Brown)

Bill McKibben, Mathematics (nominated by Eloise Carter, Kent Linville, and Bill Murdy)

Jean Priest, Pediatrics (nominated by Skip Elsas)

Don Saliers, Theology (nominated by Susan Henry-Crowe)


Ali P. Crown, Center for Women (nominated by Marianne Scharbo DeHaan)

Andre Nahmias, Pediatrics (nominated by Barbara Stoll)

Perry Sprawls, Radiology (nominated by Carolyn Meltzer)

Ted Weber, Social Ethics (nominated by Ted Runyon)


Herbert W. Benario, Classics (nominated by David Bright)

Betty Connell, OB/GYN (nominated by Marilynne McKay)

William Murdy, Dean of Oxford College (nominated by Bill McKibben and Eloise Carter)

Ted Runyon, Theology (nominated by Ted Weber)