Awardees 2013-present


James W. Flannery, Arts and Humanities, Emory College  (nominated and presented by  John Bugge, English)

Eugene J. Gangarosa, Public Health (nominated by Donna Brogan and Christine Lorraine Moe, Public Health; presented by Joanne McGriff, Public Health)

Rudolf A. Makkreel, Philosophy, Emory College (nominated and presented by Gretchen Schulz, English--Oxford College)

Morton Waitzman, Ophthalmology and Physiology, School of Medicine, (nominated and presented by Gretchen Schulz, English--Oxford College)


Gretchen Schulz, English, Oxford College (nominated by John Bugge, English, and Herbert Benario, Classics; presented by Herbert Benario)

James Keller, Radiation Oncology, School of Medicine (nominated and presented by Patricia Douglass, Human Resources)


John Bugge, English, Emory College (nominated by Gene Bianchi, Religion; Dana Greene, Oxford College; Gretchen Schulz, English–Oxford College; and Don Saliers, Theology)

Brenda Bynum, Theater and Drama, Emory College (nominated and presented by Katherine Mitchell)

Albert Padwa, Chemistry, Emory College (nominated by Huw Davies, Chemistry; presented by Lanny Liebeskind, Chemistry)

Patricia Douglass, Human Resources (nominated by John Bugge, English; presented by Helen O’Shea, Nursing)