Bianchi Award

The Emeritus Excellence Fund campaign received its first income distribution in 2013. With a priority for projects that have the highest potential for promoting the public good, this emeritus-founded and emeritus-funded endowment was established to advance the interests of active members through an annual “Bianchi Award.”

The endowment was championed by and subsequently named for Professor Emeritus of Religion Eugene Bianchi, who is both a founding member and the EUEC’s first director. Although retired, Dr. Bianchi remains actively engaged—blogging about aging and other topics. On February 23, 2012, in conjunction with Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology Robert DeHaan, Dr. Bianchi’s lasting contribution to the EUEC and to Emory was captured in a Living History video.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the 150 members and friends who helped the EUEC meet its $50,000 minimum goal to fund the award. Thanks to their contributions, each year one or more recipients will be selected by the EUEC's Awards and Honors Committee. Monies will cover a broad range of efforts for projects that promote the public good.

The list of the founding donors may be viewed here.

Eugene Bianchi