Heilbrun Distinguished Emeritus Fellowships

Fellowships to emeritus faculty in the Arts and Sciences are funded by a generous contribution from the family of Emeritus Professor of Psychology Alfred B. Heilbrun Jr. Administered by Emory College, each fellowship carries a stipend of $10,000. An annual reception for the current and previous years’ fellows provides the opportunity to acknowledge their continuing research and scholarship beyond retirement. The fellowship generally begins at the start of each academic year.

Applications are solicited by the Dean of Arts and Sciences by mid-January with application materials due by April 1.


  • Ron Schuchard, English


  • Paul Courtright, Religion


  • Corinne Kratz, Anthropology
  • Rudolf Makkreel, Philosophy


  • David Eltis, History
  • Sidney L. Kasfir, Art History


  • Albert Padwa, Chemistry
  • Stephen Nowicki, Psychology


  • Dorinda Evans, Art History
  • Clark Poling, Art History
  • Don Saliers, Theology and Liturgy


  • Herbert W. Benario, Classics
  • Matthew Morris, Oxford: French


  • Martin Buss, Religion: The Structure of Law and Ethics in the Hebrew Bible


  • Dana Greene, Oxford: The Vocation of Denise Levertov
  • Theodore Weber, Social Ethics: Peace, War, and Reconciliation: Reflections on the Political Theory of a Christian Doctrine


  • Robert Detweiler, ILA: Falling to Nil (Project unfinished before his death)
  • David Hesla, ILA: Nietzsche's Also Sprach Zarathustra and Strauss'


  • Lawrence Clever, Chemistry: A History of the Parachor
  • Robert Kysar, Religion: Postmodernism and the Gospel of John


  • Clyde Partin, Health and Physical Education: Athletics for All: A History of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation at Emory University 1836–2005


  • Brenda Bynum, Theatre: Mary Barnes Hutchinson Observed: From Bloomsbury to Beckett
  • Robert Silliman, History: A Biography of the Swiss-American Naturalist Lesquereux


  • Eugene Bianchi, Religion: A Bumpy Road to the Holy (memoir)
  • Jacob Goldstein, Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry (project continued by collaborator Phil Bowen after Goldstein’s death)


  • William Dillingham, English: The Life and Works of Rudyard Kipling
  • Abbott Ferriss, Sociology: Social Indicators and Quality of Life in Georgia


  • Herbert W. Benario, Classics: Tacitus
  • Alfred Heilbrun, Psychology: The Death Penalty and Disordered and Deviant Behavior