Speakers & Topics


December Breakfast: Scott Stewart (Music), Music and the Movies

November Lunch: Bill Beik (History, 2009 Mellon Research Fellow), Louis XIV in the 1690s

November Breakfast: Bill Buzbee (Emory Law), The Environmental Probability

October Lunch: Jack Carew (Lifelong Learning Lecturer), The War in Afghanistan

October Breakfast: Jamil Zainaldin (Georgia Humanities Council), How Warm Springs (and FDR) Saved the Free World

September Lunch: Andre Nahmias (Psychiatry), The Miracle of Birth

September Breakfast: Stuart Zola(Yerkes), Memory and the Brain

August Lunch: Wally Kelleman(Kelleman Law Firm), Aging is Risky Business

August Breakfast: Polly Price (Law), The "Other" Courts: U.S. Circuit Judge Richard S. Arnold

July Lunch: Richard Ward (Psychiatry), What We Know and Don't Know About Dreaming

July Breakfast: Sally Wolff-King (English), William Faulkner: New Sources

June Lunch: Harry Vardis(Kennesaw State), One Foot Out of the Box

June Breakfast: Patrick Allitt (History), The Conservatives: Ideas and Personalities Throughout American History

May Lunch: Edward Garcia (Albert Ellis Institute), Our Emotional Muscle

May Breakfast: Scott Lilienfeld (Psychology), Blink or Think? When We Should - or Shouldn't - Trust Our Commonsense Intutions

April Lunch: Janice Benario (Georgia State), Top Secret Ultra: The Allies' Secret Weapon in the Battle of the Atlantic

April Breakfast: Cancelled

March Lunch: Carl Hug (Anesthesiology), Making Healthcare Decisions Near the End of Life

March Breakfast: Sidney Perkowitz (Physics), Hollywood Science: Good for Hollywood, Bad for Science

February Lunch: Ellen Idler (Sociology), Global Ratings of Health: Do Physicians and Patients Agree?

February Breakfast: Helen Mayberg (Psychiatry), Development of Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment Resistant Depression

January Lunch: Jack Carew(CLL Lecturer), The Current and Future Status of the Healthcare Debate in the U.S.

January Breakfast: Anthony Martin (Environmental Studies), Searching for Life Traces in Ancient Australia